The Pawns of Prophecy – Book I of The Last Temptation of John

The Pawns of Prophecy

The year is this year. The time is today. Doomsday Prophets again proclaim End of the World — yet this time they may be correct!

Like most people, you probably don’t know that the three nails used to crucify Jesus Christ still exist, or that they are guarded by three immortals from biblical times. One of these immortals is St. John The Apostle, a prophet who continues to be tormented by revelations he cannot escape.

Meanwhile, events on a world stage are taking shape as a secret society of globalists known as The Brotherhood of EArth seek to implement a Great Reset of the world in which they will gain control over the planet’s resources and its people – in the hopes of delivering the world to The Antichrist!

Against this backdrop, two men rise to prominence on the world stage: William Henry Gates III (successful business magnate and noted global philanthroper) and Pope Benedict (the charismatic former head of the Roman Catholic Church). While Mr. Gates overtly works to solve the world’s problems, The Pope conspires to bring down his rival – but at what cost and why?

Find out when you read the first book in this exciting trilogy – The Pawns of Prophecy!


Fictional/Parody. This book is a work of FICTION – any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. While this book is based upon real events, certain events, dialogue and characters were created for the purposes of fictionalization and parody. This book is a work of PARODY and the humor is intended to be so obvious that no one should reasonably read it as a statement of fact.

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