The Choices We Make (14)

Book III: Chapter 14November 13 My friends, I am a sinner. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Even though I have been forgiven of my sins and had my soul washed white as snow, still, so long as I live in this life, I just can’t seem to break the bonds ofContinue reading “The Choices We Make (14)”

The White Warrior (12)

Book III: Chapter 12November 1 For whatever reason, I got the urge to flip on the tube again (well, like I said, I was addicted). Oh, I knew there was no chance of a baseball game – for all sporting events had long been cancelled. Furthermore, I had heard that most cable stations were nowContinue reading “The White Warrior (12)”

A Good Man (20)

Book I: Chapter 20June 22 I pouted for a couple days — tinkering around in the garage working on my… project. [Note to Reader: This is Chapter 20 of Book 1 “The Pawns of Prophecy” – if you missed the start of the book, click here return to the main page. ] As I told you before, I’m currentlyContinue reading “A Good Man (20)”

The Girl Who Cried Wolf (10)

Book I: Chapter 10June 11 Which brings us now to Mary… Oh, where should I start? Well, to begin with, I guess I should tell you that she is currently calling herself Miriam Magdala. I suppose that is adequate since she is originally from Magdala – but that is a different story… [Note to Reader: ThisContinue reading “The Girl Who Cried Wolf (10)”

The Nail (2)

Book 1: Chapter 2June 7 Now, you’re just going to have to trust me on this next part as to how I know what I know, but for the time being, just take my word on this, OK? So after my assailant confirmed I was dead, he held his blade up, watching my crimson-grey bloodContinue reading “The Nail (2)”

1492 is Coming for You (1)

Book 1: Chapter 1June 7 Few have seen but a glimpse of Hell, a tatter of Revelation, yet for me it was my Daily Bread; well, that and a good bottle of Jack, and maybe a PBR or two… My name is John and I’ve got a major problem – again. Just a few minutesContinue reading “1492 is Coming for You (1)”