Paradise Lost (25)

Book III: Chapter 25December 20 “I just don’t understand.” Alan lamented. “Tomorrow is the big day, yet we are powerless to stop The Beast. Would the Lord really have brought us all this way, only to leave us at the very end?” Alan, Miriam, and I were sitting under the shade of an olive tree,Continue reading “Paradise Lost (25)”

The Ruins of Tower Bay (15)

Book III: Chapter 15November 13 <KKKkkrrraaaACCKKKK!!>  Lightning tore the sky, flashing its brilliance through the skeletal remains of Whitby Abbey. Positioned precariously atop of the cliffs of Northern Yorkshire, the magnificent ruins of the abandoned church were the perfect setting for the sinister meeting that was occurring in the cathedral’s underbelly. <Ka-boOOM!>  Nature continued toContinue reading “The Ruins of Tower Bay (15)”