2.36 Friar Tuck’s UNMerry Men

Book II: Chapter 36July 15 Bored out of my mind, at last I watched as Alan followed Miriam out of the cubby they’d been hiding in and back into the wooden stall they started from yesterday, and then out from there and into the Chapel of the Choir at St. Peter’s Basilica. Once more theyContinue reading “2.36 Friar Tuck’s UNMerry Men”

2.33 The Secret of the Lie

Book II: Chapter 33July 15 Time shifted in my vision and and I now saw Alan and Miriam leave their hiding spot. I guessed that it was probably sometime after midnight since the church was now deserted. As for my friends, they were now dressed in black clothing, having ditched their bright tourist garb withinContinue reading “2.33 The Secret of the Lie”

2.18 Two Beasts?

Book II: Chapter 18July 9 As my vision dragged on, Pope Benedict continued to strangle Mystery and I gotta say – it was a shocking sight! So much for social distancing, huh? I took a moment to ponder more on the possibility of TWO Beasts by remembering Revelation Chapter 13. Look it up with me,Continue reading “2.18 Two Beasts?”

2.16 The Rock of Peter

Book II: Chapter 16July 9 Two days later, Miriam was still sitting beside Alan’s bed as he recovered – amazingly she was going so without any of her personal protective equipment on! Meanwhile, I was having a beer on my back porch – Heavy Seas Loose Cannon – one of my favorite IPAs. Like soContinue reading “2.16 The Rock of Peter”