3.13 Careful What You Wish For

Book III: Chapter 13Nov 2-4 The next day, unable to resist, I turned on the TV again… Only to learn that the actions of the “White Warrior” were being attributed to the man calling Ghaz al-Ridwan Ma’bus – that meant the world was hailing none other than Bill Gates as the Savior! Unable to lookContinue reading “3.13 Careful What You Wish For”

With Fear and Hatred (11)

Book III: Chapter 11November 1 What’s going on with my friends, or with Pope Benedict, Bill Gates, or any of the other host of lackeys who used to haunt my visions? Good question. It had been months since I last ‘saw’ any of them, yet without my Sight, I was reduced to a commoner likeContinue reading “With Fear and Hatred (11)”

2.19 The Word Became Flesh

Book II: Chapter 19July 11 A couple nights later I had my sleep interrupted again – this time with another vision of The Two Witnesses as the word became flesh before my eyes… <Drip… drip… drip…> <Drip… drip… drip…> <Drip… drip… drip…> I watched as a frustrated Enoch, despite his blindness, arose from the prisonContinue reading “2.19 The Word Became Flesh”

2.6 The Seventh Seal

Book II: Chapter 6June 24 A couple hours passed, yet nothing changed for me. I was still sitting on my couch, only now I was getting ready to watch my Phillies play. How could I watch baseball at a time like this? Hey, if the end of the world really was coming, then I wantedContinue reading “2.6 The Seventh Seal”

Men of Renown (9)

Book I: Chapter 9June 10 Naturally, I didn’t get my wish — yup, the next night too The Big Guy forced yet another dream upon me… And so it was that Hope and Hopelessness continued their eternal struggle – in the forms of the prophets Elijah and Enoch. (Oh boy, whenever I get a visionContinue reading “Men of Renown (9)”