Prepare the Way for the Lord (38)

Book II: Chapter 38July 15 To be honest, right now I didn’t know what to make of the situation because it appeared The Pope was now openly reveling in the deaths of millions of people! Alan too was appalled. “How dare you?” “Oh come off it, man.” Benedict scoffed. “Don’t be a baby. You’ve seenContinue reading “Prepare the Way for the Lord (38)”

The Grandmaster (15)

Book I: Chapter 15June 12 My vision of Benedict and his conspirators continued. After the professor’s revelation about The Seven Seals, all three of them turned inward — examining their thoughts. Antonio Abbracciavento seemed to realize that the subject that he had devoted his life to was unfolding before his very eyes – although nowContinue reading “The Grandmaster (15)”

The Best Laid Plans (14)

Book I: Chapter 14June 12 Another day, another vision. I usually don’t get pummeled like this unless something big is afoot. This is not a good sign. The smell of Boswellian incense embraced Pope Benedict’s robes as he tarried back to his private quarters. (No, I don’t have a sense of smell in my visions,Continue reading “The Best Laid Plans (14)”

The Unknown Catacombs (7)

Book 1: Chapter 7June 8 Unfortunately for me, my marathon vision of my friend Alan was still continuing. (I mean seriously, how much more of this can I be expected to pay attention to?) Unfortunately for Alan, although it was but a short walk to his own apartment building, I could see that his distressContinue reading “The Unknown Catacombs (7)”

Mark of the Beast (5)

Book 1: Chapter 5June 8 The very next day, I was lucky enough to get yet another vision – oh joy. And I’m gonna warn you right upfront that this is a loooong vision – I had to endure it and so will you, so grab some coffee and try to stay with me.  ThisContinue reading “Mark of the Beast (5)”