2.28 The Bible Code

Book II: Chapter 28July 12 Miriam bowed her head, while Alan sputtered – still unable to accept the possibility there might be a secret vault beneath St. Peter’s Basilica that he knew nothing about, “I don’t believe it!” “It’s true.” Miriam agreed. “La Papessa had the vault built specifically to house my letter. The constructionContinue reading “2.28 The Bible Code”

2.27 A Rose by Any Other Name

Book II: Chapter 27July 12 My last jibe did not disappoint – and with both Alan and Miriam white-faced, I went for the kill, “Lighten up, people. I know we can’t switch sides. But if Michael wants to do his thing – fine. And if you two want to stop Gates or Ma’bus or whoeverContinue reading “2.27 A Rose by Any Other Name”

2.25 The Many Faced Man

Book II: Chapter 25July 12 “But how could Benedict hold our Nails in his hands without being destroyed?” Alan pondered at my unexpected revelation about the Pope. “And without dying?” Miriam was still in shock herself at my suggestion. Another long pause followed as they tried to make sense of things. I smiled as theyContinue reading “2.25 The Many Faced Man”

2.24 The Secret Supper

Book II: Chapter 24July 12 I successfully stopped myself from revealing my secret vision about Pope Benedict and Bill Gates to Alan and Miriam by chugging my beer and then going to the kitchen for more. Yet before I could even sit back down in my chair, Miriam was on to me, “Do you realizeContinue reading “2.24 The Secret Supper”

2.23 Surrounded

Book II: Chapter 23July 12 The very next day, I was in my living room with Alan and Miriam. It had been nearly a week since I’d brought back Alan (nee Lazarus) from the dead – I’d hoped that my former friends would have left me by now but as usual nobody seemed to careContinue reading “2.23 Surrounded”

2.12 Ozymandias The Great

Book II: Chapter 12July 7 “What do you want me to do?” I asked Miriam — who’d been pleading with me from the moment she arrived, over three hours ago. “John, I’m at my wits end,” She replied. Miriam was still wearing her pandemic safety garb – disposable Hazmat suit, gloves, booties, and facial shieldContinue reading “2.12 Ozymandias The Great”

Who Wrote The Book of Revelation? Apostle John or a DIFFERENT John?

Who wrote the Book of Revelation? Did the Apostle John really Revelation? The answer is not as easy as it seems. In this article we’ll explore the arguments in favor of St John being the author and also talk about why some experts believe there was “another John” behind this famous book. I’ll also giveContinue reading “Who Wrote The Book of Revelation? Apostle John or a DIFFERENT John?”

1.23 Vision of the Skull

Book I: Chapter 23June 22 My marathon day of visions continued. After moving past the vision of Mary and Jesus, my second – and much more interesting – vision, was pretty deep — think Book of Revelations… As best I could make out, I was witnessing a FUTURE event—for I was looking upon The Altar ofContinue reading “1.23 Vision of the Skull”

1.19 American Idol

Book I: Chapter 19June 20 (and a time long past) Having just witnessed unwelcome memories from nearly 2,000 years ago I was ready for a break.  “Ha! ‘Surely Mary won’t wait around forever?’ Eh, Peter?” I quipped to myself as I remembered what my friend said and took another sip of my iced tea (yesContinue reading “1.19 American Idol”

Immortality — Ugh (11)

Book I: Chapter 11June 11 OK, out with it – let’s hear your questions. I can tell that you won’t let me move on with my tale unless I start answering some of your nagging questions so let’s get it over with.  Am I immortal? Yes. Alan, Miriam, and I are all immortal – weContinue reading “Immortality — Ugh (11)”