The Angel’s Breath (4)

Book III: Chapter 3July 27 “Nooooo! It can’t be!” I wailed in frustration. “After all this, I am still here… in this… life?” Obviously I was not dead. Instead I found myself standing outside on the grounds of my farmland – on the very spot where my alchemical workshop had previously stood but which nowContinue reading “The Angel’s Breath (4)”

The Eagle Soars (3)

Book III: Chapter 3July 26 I had just completed The Magnus Opum! (I can’t do justice to the actual experience, but I will try to put into words what happened next…) First I was transmuted into a great white eagle – soaring through the skies of the afterlife.  How long this went on, I cannotContinue reading “The Eagle Soars (3)”

I am the Quintessence! (2)

Book III: Chapter 2July 26 This is the Time! I am about to finally do it — my terrible life is about to end! “Let Fire and Azoc suffice.” <Power> was all around me as I spoke the words of the Greek master Aristeus while at last I neared the completion of the Magnus Opum. Continue reading “I am the Quintessence! (2)”