Book III: FinaleYour Future? The race is not always to the swift, or the battle to the strong, for time and chance happen to us all — because life is meaningless unless you know The Lord… For surely you realize that this is NOT the end, but instead only The Beginning. From afar I sawContinue reading “Epilogue”

3.34 The Masque of Red Death

Book III: Chapter 34December 21 Despite the agony of my pain on the cross, I knew that death would not come easy. With a nod, the man who was Ghaz al’ Ridwan Ma’bus signaled to The Pope to carry out his orders… To deliver death to the immortals. I watched as Benedict picked up oneContinue reading “3.34 The Masque of Red Death”

3.33 Day of the Beast

Book III: Chapter 33December 21 <BOOOM! DOOM!> <BOOM! BOOM!> <DOOM!> Dying on a cross takes a long time – actually a bit longer than I expected. My mind again wandered back to the Temple Mount. After The Knights Templar failed to help me destroy Al-Aqsa, the Muslim control of the area remained and the worldContinue reading “3.33 Day of the Beast”

3.18 The Rites of Inanna

Book III: Chapter 18November 13 Trying to force myself to be unimpressed by the man who called himself Dr. Ma’bus as he spoke to the crowd at this uber-secret meeting of the high ranking members of the Brotherhood of EArth, I turned my attention to my meal — meticulously carving into the blood red meatContinue reading “3.18 The Rites of Inanna”

3.16 Secret Societies

Book III: Chapter 16November 13 Ironically, the Annals of the Brotherhood reflect only a small footnote about Tower Bay, and the official version of events describes only the lie that I told them.  To this day it is my firm belief is that nobody else on earth ever knew the truth about Tower Bay —Continue reading “3.16 Secret Societies”

2.31 She Knows

Book II: Chapter 31July 13 My vision about Lazarus’ Resurrection Day faded to black, yet my Sight continued. Once more I found myself looking at the present day — my friends were apparently still on their flight to Rome and Miriam’s head continued to rest upon Alan’s shoulder. But just as quickly, I remembered somethingContinue reading “2.31 She Knows”

2.30 Dead Man Walking

Book II: Chapter 30July 13 My forced revelation about Alan and Miriam continued. I had to wade through the grueling experience of watching all the passengers and crew complete their numerous Covid health safety checks – with the process delayed because of an unchipped family requiring additional on-the-spot testing before they were allowed to boardContinue reading “2.30 Dead Man Walking”

2.19 The Word Became Flesh

Book II: Chapter 19July 11 A couple nights later I had my sleep interrupted again – this time with another vision of The Two Witnesses as the word became flesh before my eyes… <Drip… drip… drip…> <Drip… drip… drip…> <Drip… drip… drip…> I watched as a frustrated Enoch, despite his blindness, arose from the prisonContinue reading “2.19 The Word Became Flesh”

Was Mary Magdalene the Adulteress from The Gospel of John?

Was Mary Magdalene the Adulteress from The Gospel of John? Many Christians have been brought up believing that famous Adulteress from the Gospel of John was in fact Mary Magdalene and for nearly 1,300 years this is what was formally taught in Catholic doctrine – but is this legend even true? In this article, we’llContinue reading “Was Mary Magdalene the Adulteress from The Gospel of John?”

Call Me Ishmael (26)

Book I: Chapter 26 June 23 Just as quickly as the Witnesses came, they were gone; once more I was looking back at Alan – and his new visitor… So who was it that entered Alan’s room? I’ve got to say, I was a bit shocked myself when I saw none other than Bill Gates!Continue reading “Call Me Ishmael (26)”