3.27 The Temptation

Book III: Chapter 27December 20 Alan and Miriam were still struggling to process what Bill Gates had just said about ‘possessing our souls for all time,’ but it was what The Beast said next that got to me. “As you chew on the fact that you’ll soon be mine,” Gates smiled, “Consider this as wellContinue reading “3.27 The Temptation”

3.25 Paradise Lost

Book III: Chapter 25December 20 “I just don’t understand.” Alan lamented. “Tomorrow is the big day, yet we are powerless to stop The Beast. Would the Lord really have brought us all this way, only to leave us at the very end?” Alan, Miriam, and I were sitting under the shade of an olive tree,Continue reading “3.25 Paradise Lost”

3.23 Out of the Frying Pan

Book III: Chapter 23November 13 At the revelation of my rescue attempt, a newfound hope was evident on the faces of my friends – therefore I repeated my earlier question, “Are they safe? Do you still have The Nails?” At that point the smiles fell from Alan and Miriam, and I didn’t need to hearContinue reading “3.23 Out of the Frying Pan”

2.37 It’s Not You, It’s Me

Book II: Chapter 37July 15 I watched as Alan and Miriam were led as prisoners through the secret corridors of the Vatican underworld. After his brutal beating, Alan was nearly unconscious, while Miriam’s face was the picture of confusion. It seemed clear to me that she didn’t recognize Cardinalate Marrollo — and the fact thatContinue reading “2.37 It’s Not You, It’s Me”

2.3 The Feast

Book II: Chapter 3June 24 Time passed and my Sight shifted. I saw a room filled with ornate decorations from the world over. A succulent feast was arrayed atop a massive dining table and with Bill Gates himself was seated at the head of the board. Despite the multitude of chairs, only one other seatContinue reading “2.3 The Feast”

1.15 The Grandmaster

Book I: Chapter 15June 12 My vision of Benedict and his conspirators continued. After the professor’s revelation about The Seven Seals, all three of them turned inward — examining their thoughts. Antonio Abbracciavento seemed to realize that the subject that he had devoted his life to was unfolding before his very eyes – although nowContinue reading “1.15 The Grandmaster”