3.36 The Hand of God

Book III: Chapter 26Date Unknown As I left my earthly body, I was granted one final vision, and since you’ve come this far with me, I imagine you’ll want to hear about this too… What I saw next was something that was undoubtedly UNseen by everyone else ,for God gave me a vision inside ofContinue reading “3.36 The Hand of God”

3.21 The Coming of the King

Book III: Chapter 21November 13 Was my cover blown? It sure seemed that way because the Pope was pointing towards me and talking about finding a traitor and all eyes were suddenly turned my way. Luckily for me, I did not get a chance to try to defend myself, for in my shock I didContinue reading “3.21 The Coming of the King”

The Trap is Sprung (10)

Book II: Chapter 10July 4 My vision of the past continued – fresh off a success at resisting the Room of Greed, Miriam (and I) eagerly took on the next room. I could sense Miriam’s confidence growing now and at first it seemed that her faith was justified — for not much was happening insideContinue reading “The Trap is Sprung (10)”

Day of Doom (8)

Book II: Chapter 8July 4 It was over a week before I finally found out what happened to Alan. During that time, I tried to drink myself into oblivion. It didn’t work. You still don’t understand, do you? Who has woe? Who has sorrow? Let me tell you — those who linger over their drinkContinue reading “Day of Doom (8)”

The Chairs of Woe (7)

Book II: Chapter 7June 27 I wasn’t surprised the next day when my Sight showed me another vision of the scene back at the New Babylon. I no longer had any questions that Bill Gates in his new persona as Ghaz al’ Ridwan Ma’bus was in The Beast I wrote about in Revelation. And evenContinue reading “The Chairs of Woe (7)”

Seven Deadly Sins, The Chairs of Woe, and The Antichrist

What is a “Deadly” sin and what are the Seven Deadly Sins from The Bible? In this article we’ll explore where they come from in the Bible, what each of the 7 Deadly Sins are, and talk about their relationship to the infamous Chairs of Woe which feature prominently in the books The Last TemptationContinue reading “Seven Deadly Sins, The Chairs of Woe, and The Antichrist”