3.26 The Price is Your Soul

Book III: Chapter 25December 20 The moment lingered… Someone or something was coming through the gate towards us. Destiny? Death? Only God knew what it might be. At last, forging through the gate came Pope Benedict, followed a moment later by Bill Gates in his Dr. Ma’bus regalia. “Ah, I thought we would find youContinue reading “3.26 The Price is Your Soul”

3.24 Into the Fires

Book III: Chapter 24November 13 “What?” I blurted out – a bit too loud — after Miriam had just told me about Cardinal Marrollo’s seeming desire to destroy Bill Gates. Immediately after my shout there was a knock at the door from the guards outside; one of them called in urgently, “Baron, is everything allContinue reading “3.24 Into the Fires”

3.23 Out of the Frying Pan

Book III: Chapter 23November 13 At the revelation of my rescue attempt, a newfound hope was evident on the faces of my friends – therefore I repeated my earlier question, “Are they safe? Do you still have The Nails?” At that point the smiles fell from Alan and Miriam, and I didn’t need to hearContinue reading “3.23 Out of the Frying Pan”

3.12 The White Warrior

Book III: Chapter 12November 1 For whatever reason, I got the urge to flip on the tube again (well, like I said, I was addicted). Oh, I knew there was no chance of a baseball game – for all sporting events had long been cancelled. Furthermore, I had heard that most cable stations were nowContinue reading “3.12 The White Warrior”

2.38 Prepare the Way for the Lord

Book II: Chapter 38July 15 To be honest, right now I didn’t know what to make of the situation because it appeared The Pope was now openly reveling in the deaths of millions of people! Alan too was appalled. “How dare you?” “Oh come off it, man.” Benedict scoffed. “Don’t be a baby. You’ve seenContinue reading “2.38 Prepare the Way for the Lord”

2.37 It’s Not You, It’s Me

Book II: Chapter 37July 15 I watched as Alan and Miriam were led as prisoners through the secret corridors of the Vatican underworld. After his brutal beating, Alan was nearly unconscious, while Miriam’s face was the picture of confusion. It seemed clear to me that she didn’t recognize Cardinalate Marrollo — and the fact thatContinue reading “2.37 It’s Not You, It’s Me”

2.36 Friar Tuck’s UNMerry Men

Book II: Chapter 36July 15 Bored out of my mind, at last I watched as Alan followed Miriam out of the cubby they’d been hiding in and back into the wooden stall they started from yesterday, and then out from there and into the Chapel of the Choir at St. Peter’s Basilica. Once more theyContinue reading “2.36 Friar Tuck’s UNMerry Men”

2.27 A Rose by Any Other Name

Book II: Chapter 27July 12 My last jibe did not disappoint – and with both Alan and Miriam white-faced, I went for the kill, “Lighten up, people. I know we can’t switch sides. But if Michael wants to do his thing – fine. And if you two want to stop Gates or Ma’bus or whoeverContinue reading “2.27 A Rose by Any Other Name”

2.16 The Rock of Peter

Book II: Chapter 16July 9 Two days later, Miriam was still sitting beside Alan’s bed as he recovered – amazingly she was going so without any of her personal protective equipment on! Meanwhile, I was having a beer on my back porch – Heavy Seas Loose Cannon – one of my favorite IPAs. Like soContinue reading “2.16 The Rock of Peter”