2.18 Two Beasts?

Book II: Chapter 18July 9 As my vision dragged on, Pope Benedict continued to strangle Mystery and I gotta say – it was a shocking sight! So much for social distancing, huh? I took a moment to ponder more on the possibility of TWO Beasts by remembering Revelation Chapter 13. Look it up with me,Continue reading “2.18 Two Beasts?”

2.3 The Feast

Book II: Chapter 3June 24 Time passed and my Sight shifted. I saw a room filled with ornate decorations from the world over. A succulent feast was arrayed atop a massive dining table and with Bill Gates himself was seated at the head of the board. Despite the multitude of chairs, only one other seatContinue reading “2.3 The Feast”

Psychic Probes (2)

Book II: Chapter 2June 24 There’s something I think I forget to tell you about Miriam. She has an unusual gift. I don’t really understand it, but it has something to do with her being a kind of Body-Mind Master — she can control her body in such a way that she can overcome almostContinue reading “Psychic Probes (2)”