2.29 Leavin’ on a Jet Plane

Book II: Chapter 29July 13 The good news is that my friends finally went away. The bad news it that I did not get to work in peace as I’d hoped because the very next day I had another vision forced upon me – ironically it was about Alan and Miriam (gee whiz, how doContinue reading “2.29 Leavin’ on a Jet Plane”

Seven Deadly Sins, The Chairs of Woe, and The Antichrist

What is a “Deadly” sin and what are the Seven Deadly Sins from The Bible? In this article we’ll explore where they come from in the Bible, what each of the 7 Deadly Sins are, and talk about their relationship to the infamous Chairs of Woe which feature prominently in the books The Last TemptationContinue reading “Seven Deadly Sins, The Chairs of Woe, and The Antichrist”

Mark of the Beast (5)

Book 1: Chapter 5June 8 The very next day, I was lucky enough to get yet another vision – oh joy. And I’m gonna warn you right upfront that this is a loooong vision – I had to endure it and so will you, so grab some coffee and try to stay with me.  ThisContinue reading “Mark of the Beast (5)”