The Trap is Sprung (10)

Book II: Chapter 10July 4 My vision of the past continued – fresh off a success at resisting the Room of Greed, Miriam (and I) eagerly took on the next room. I could sense Miriam’s confidence growing now and at first it seemed that her faith was justified — for not much was happening insideContinue reading “The Trap is Sprung (10)”

Miriam’s Sins (9)

Book II: Chapter 9July 4 Although it was July 4th for me in real time, I continued watching a vision of of Miriam from the prior week – I’d just witnessed her leave Ma’bus’ servant Iffat to fall in a heap, as she now raced to the dictator’s torture chambers. The hallway was empty whenContinue reading “Miriam’s Sins (9)”