Rise of the Antichrist – Book 2 of The Last Temptation of John

The edge of your seat thriller that is The Last Temptation of John trilogy continues with Book II – The Rise of the Antichrist.

Witness the Book of Revelations come to life in this exciting sequel to The Pawns of Prophecy

Heros Suffer

Still prisoner to the Antichrist, Alan Zarus is forced to endure The Chairs of Woe. His friend Miriam bravely tries to rescue him, but risks falling victim to her own temptations. Still in seclusion, John performs a secret alchemy experiment called The Magnus Opum – which, if successful, has the power to take away his immortality and destroy him. Meanwhile, The Seventh Seal of Revelations is broken – with disastrous consequences for the world at large.

Conspiracies Abound

The Rise of the Antichrist reveals a number of amazing mysteries about The Catholic Church – including revelations about an additional gospel written by John that was banned from The Bible, the shocking story of a FEMALE pope, and the discovery of The Sacra Crypta – an unknown vault beneath Saint Peter’s Basilica – that hides a long forgotten scroll whose knowledge will either save the world or destroy it – depending on who finds it first.

Will Good or Evil rule the day?

Discover the answer when you read The Rise of The Antichrist!

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Table of Contents

Author’s Notes

4 – Crime & Punishment
1 – The Watcher
5 – Friends in Low Places
2 – Psychic Probes
6 – The 7th Seal
3 – The Feast
7 – The Chairs of Woe
8 – Day of Doom
9 – Miriam’s Sins
10 – The Trap is Sprung!
11 – Chair of Wrath
12 – Ozymandias The Great
13 – Call me Azoth
14 – The Philosopher’s Stone
15 – Lazarus Rises… Again
16 – Rock of Peter
17 – Papal Interview
19 – Word Became Flesh
20 – The Substitute
Cross of Peter
21 – The Cross of Peter
22 – My Soul is Yours
23 – Surrounded
24 – The Secret Supper
25 – The Many Faced Man
26 – Pope Joan
27 – A Rose by any other Name…
28 – The Bible Code
29 – Leavin’ on a Jet Plane
30 – Dead Man Walking
31 – She Knows
32 – Two Roads Diverged
33 – Secret of the Lie
34 – Tight Spaces
35 – Sacra Crypta
36 – Friar Tuck & His UNMerry Men
37 – It’s Not You, It’s Me
38 – Prepare the Way for the Lord

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