What is the Date of Armageddon?

Everybody Wants to Know – What is the Date of Armageddon?

That’s an excellent question and while writing The Last Temptation of John trilogy I wrestled with St. John to tell me time and again.

Unfortunately he never revealed this final secret, so the best I can do is to explain as follows…

John refused to give me the exact year of when he believes his Revelation will come to life! 

John said that a ‘prophet never reveals exacts dates because God reserves the right to change His timing according to His plans.’

Now that sounded like a bit of circular logic to me — one that would allow for a prophecy to be interpreted to fit multiple situations so as to later ensure that it would be fulfilled — however who am I to argue with The Apostle John?

Because John was unclear and because I could not work out the math to pinpoint an exact year, the best I could do was provide a timeline for the book based on the day/month – since John was kind enough to provide that information.

Whatever the Year of the Beast may be, let’s just hope that we are all prepared and that we are all on the winning side – God’s!!

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