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The Last Temptation of John is filled with fascinating characters, each fan seems to have a different ‘favorite.’ Here are some of the main characters in the books…

John Salom

On the surface John appears to be simply a crotchety old man. Haunted by visions for much of his life, he remains tormented by ‘revelations’ he doesn’t want, yet cannot escape.

John has very few friends, but that’s all right by him since he prefers solitude now. Presently he lives in on the outskirts of Williamsport – a small town in north central Pennsylvania in the United States.

He whiles away his time attempting to unlock the secrets of Alchemy. When he is not puttering around his workshop he is usually pursuing his second love: drinking Jim Beam and listening to country music.

Did You Know?
If John had one wish in life it would be to simply die and be done with this world.

Joseph Ratzinger

Pope Benedict XVI is a respected Roman Catholic theologian, a bestselling author, and a defender of traditional Catholic doctrine and values. He is a man of the world and can speak his native German, as well as Italian, French, English and Latin. He can read Ancient Greek and biblical Hebrew. He plays the piano and has a preference for Mozart and Bach.

He also loves cats and, ever since he took a spin at playing The Pope, the Vatican is rumored to be infested with felines!
Did You Know?
Throughout the course of this book, as a result of some of the more unusual activities he pursues, we are left to wonder about Benedict’s true designs…
*Is Benedict a friend or a foe?
*Is he in league with the Forces of Darkness or a true Defender of The Faith?
The final answer might surprise you.

Dr. Ghaz al-Ridwan Ma’bus

“Who is like Ma’bus?” That is the question on everyone’s lips as the world constantly lauds praise on the charismatic leader who is perhaps the greatest man of our times.
Dr. Ma’bus won a Nobel Prize in 2010 for inventing The IdentiChip and helping the world avoid the next Great Depression. He is currently the Chairman
of UMAN (The Union of Many Allied Nations) — a dictatorship that has finally peacefully united the various kingdoms of the middle east, and whose currency (The Tri-Mark) has replaced the US Dollar as the gold standard of secure notes.

Did You Know?
It’s rumored that Dr. Ma’bus will soon become the next Secretary General of the United Nations and there is talk that he may eventually be the first World President.

Miriam Magdala

Miriam has lived all over the globe and she is a student of world religions. Presently she lives at the summer palace of the Dalai Lama in Tibet.

Her goal in life is to see as many people in the world be saved when The End of Days arrives – Christians and gentiles alike. To that end, she is the keeper of The Book of Life – a mysterious tome that shows the actual names of those individuals who be ‘raptured’ prior to The Last Judgment.

Did You Know?
1. Miriam is often frustrated with God at the fact that the number of those who will escape the Fires is dwindling by the day!
2. Miriam is regularly blessed by visitations from The Archangel Gabriel.
3. She also has the unusual ability to look inside the minds of others and can sometimes influence them to do her will.

Alaz Zarus

Professor Alan Zarus – the Sef de Catadra of the History Department for The University of Bucharest. He is one of the beautiful people of the world and there is nary a female who crosses his path that doesn’t get lost in the depths of his ocean-blue eyes.
Alan has lived in Europe for many years. He is well educated and also a member of multiple secret societies including The Club of Rome, The Committee of 300, and a number of others. He is the foremost expert of religious antiquities in the world and an expert on the Book of Revelations.
Did You Know?
Professor Zarus is one of three individuals who secretly possess one of the original nails used to crucify Jesus Christ.

Teri Abbracciavento

And her name is Mystery.
An associate of Alan Zarus, Teri Abbracciavento is a visiting lecturer from the University of Rome. Currently she is Professor Zarus’ Conferentiar while working on her post-doctorate project with him. Her father was Antonio Abbracciavento – a Bible scholar who was world-renowned for his knowledge of one particular Bible book (Revelations), until he passed away in 2010.
Did You Know?
Teri suspects that Dr. Ma’bus is The AntiChrist and she tries to convince Professor Zarus to help her fight against him. She is also beautiful beyond compare, yet there is more to her than meets the eye…

The Antichrist

The Beast.
Satan’s Son.
His goal is to not only stop the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, but more importantly to take ownership of every living soul in the universe. He is the essence of Evil and he has been perfecting his craft since the dawn of time.

As he says in this book, “…the pleasure for me is in the temptation — I enjoy it most of all when there is a chance that I might lose – yes, it’s true, for that’s what makes me work all the harder…”
Who is he? That’s for YOU to discover!

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