The Wandering Jew (9)

Book III: Chapter 9August 30 After the Merlin debacle I lived in obscurity for many decades, but eventually — when The Great Millennium approached — I once more got sucked into believing in the possibility of The Commission. Thus, when Lazarus and Mary again searched me out, I agreed to help. Together we worked toContinue reading “The Wandering Jew (9)”

2.38 Prepare the Way for the Lord

Book II: Chapter 38July 15 To be honest, right now I didn’t know what to make of the situation because it appeared The Pope was now openly reveling in the deaths of millions of people! Alan too was appalled. “How dare you?” “Oh come off it, man.” Benedict scoffed. “Don’t be a baby. You’ve seenContinue reading “2.38 Prepare the Way for the Lord”

2.37 It’s Not You, It’s Me

Book II: Chapter 37July 15 I watched as Alan and Miriam were led as prisoners through the secret corridors of the Vatican underworld. After his brutal beating, Alan was nearly unconscious, while Miriam’s face was the picture of confusion. It seemed clear to me that she didn’t recognize Cardinalate Marrollo — and the fact thatContinue reading “2.37 It’s Not You, It’s Me”

2.36 Friar Tuck’s UNMerry Men

Book II: Chapter 36July 15 Bored out of my mind, at last I watched as Alan followed Miriam out of the cubby they’d been hiding in and back into the wooden stall they started from yesterday, and then out from there and into the Chapel of the Choir at St. Peter’s Basilica. Once more theyContinue reading “2.36 Friar Tuck’s UNMerry Men”

2.35 The Sacra Crypta

Book II: Chapter 35July 15 The Sight continued for me as I saw that the small room that Alan and Miriam had emerged into. By the look on Alan’s unmasked face I could tell that it wasn’t exactly what he had expected to find. (And I had to agree with him). “It looks like anContinue reading “2.35 The Sacra Crypta”

2.34 Tight Spaces

Book II: Chapter 34July 15 Now it was finally getting interesting! In my vision I’d been watching Alan and Miriam make their way through the secret catacombs beneath St. Peter’s Basilica – and so far it was kind of a boring vision. However after watching Alan fail to make a clean jump across the chasmContinue reading “2.34 Tight Spaces”

2.33 The Secret of the Lie

Book II: Chapter 33July 15 Time shifted in my vision and and I now saw Alan and Miriam leave their hiding spot. I guessed that it was probably sometime after midnight since the church was now deserted. As for my friends, they were now dressed in black clothing, having ditched their bright tourist garb withinContinue reading “2.33 The Secret of the Lie”

2.32 Two Roads Diverged

Book II: Chapter 32July 14 God has set eternity in the hearts of men, yet they cannot fathom it. I was sitting on my back porch, wasting another day. Off in the distance I spied a raccoon nosing around the area that covered the body of my intruder from a month ago. It set meContinue reading “2.32 Two Roads Diverged”

2.31 She Knows

Book II: Chapter 31July 13 My vision about Lazarus’ Resurrection Day faded to black, yet my Sight continued. Once more I found myself looking at the present day — my friends were apparently still on their flight to Rome and Miriam’s head continued to rest upon Alan’s shoulder. But just as quickly, I remembered somethingContinue reading “2.31 She Knows”

2.30 Dead Man Walking

Book II: Chapter 30July 13 My forced revelation about Alan and Miriam continued. I had to wade through the grueling experience of watching all the passengers and crew complete their numerous Covid health safety checks – with the process delayed because of an unchipped family requiring additional on-the-spot testing before they were allowed to boardContinue reading “2.30 Dead Man Walking”