1.27 Room 101

Book I: Chapter 27 June 23 The marathon revelation continued for me as I watched Alan’s torture from afar. When Bill Gates as Ghaz Ma’bus instructed his servant to take Alan to The Life Labs, even the loyal Iffat froze at the thought and I saw Alan visibly shudder at the thought… What was itContinue reading “1.27 Room 101”

Call Me Ishmael (26)

Book I: Chapter 26 June 23 Just as quickly as the Witnesses came, they were gone; once more I was looking back at Alan – and his new visitor… So who was it that entered Alan’s room? I’ve got to say, I was a bit shocked myself when I saw none other than Bill Gates!Continue reading “Call Me Ishmael (26)”

1.25 The Third Seal

Book I: Chapter 25 June 23 My vision about Alan did not end – instead it was interrupted – by another view of the Two Witnesses. (Want to learn more about The Two Witnesses? I suggest you read Revelations – Chapter 11. Hey, it’s good writing if nothing else. “The first seal has passed.” ElijahContinue reading “1.25 The Third Seal”

1.23 Vision of the Skull

Book I: Chapter 23June 22 My marathon day of visions continued. After moving past the vision of Mary and Jesus, my second – and much more interesting – vision, was pretty deep — think Book of Revelations… As best I could make out, I was witnessing a FUTURE event—for I was looking upon The Altar ofContinue reading “1.23 Vision of the Skull”

You Can’t Always Get What You Want (22)

Book I: Chapter 22June 22 Like I was trying to tell you, today I received not one, but two new visions. Well, one was more of a memory and the other was a revelation… At first, I was transported back in time to witness a conversation between Mary and Jesus – it must have beenContinue reading “You Can’t Always Get What You Want (22)”

A Bad Rap (21)

Book I: Chapter 21June 22 So today I got MULTIPLE visions, abo– Eh, what’s that — you have more questions? But don’t you want to hear about my vision? Oh, all right, go ahead, ask away… If we are all immortal, why are Miriam and Alan so much younger than me? That’s a damn goodContinue reading “A Bad Rap (21)”

A Good Man (20)

Book I: Chapter 20June 22 I pouted for a couple days — tinkering around in the garage working on my… project. As I told you before, I’m currently living in upstate Pennsylvania – in a town called Williamsport to be exact. Now if you’re wondering what there is to do in Williamsport, let me answerContinue reading “A Good Man (20)”

1.19 American Idol

Book I: Chapter 19June 20 (and a time long past) Having just witnessed unwelcome memories from nearly 2,000 years ago I was ready for a break.  “Ha! ‘Surely Mary won’t wait around forever?’ Eh, Peter?” I quipped to myself as I remembered what my friend said and took another sip of my iced tea (yesContinue reading “1.19 American Idol”

1.17 The Great Harvest

Book I: Chapter 17June 17 Let’s just say I wasn’t successful in drinking myself into oblivion to end my visions. God learned how to overcome my little tricks a long time ago. But don’t think He got the last laugh.  The fact is that, visions or no visions, my hot tub and a few bottlesContinue reading “1.17 The Great Harvest”