The Many Faced Man (25)

Book II: Chapter 25July 12 “But how could Benedict hold our Nails in his hands without being destroyed?” Alan pondered at my unexpected revelation about the Pope. “And without dying?” Miriam was still in shock herself at my suggestion. Another long pause followed as they tried to make sense of things. I smiled as theyContinue reading “The Many Faced Man (25)”

My Soul is Yours (22)

Book II: Chapter 22July 11 I’ll be honest – I was still shaking as I watched a vision Ghaz al’ Ridwan Ma’bus hang upside down on what appeared to be the Cross of Saint Peter. It was a gruesome scene. For her part, Teri Abbracciavento (aka Mystery) continue to sob at the feet of manContinue reading “My Soul is Yours (22)”

The Cross of Peter (21)

Book II: Chapter 21July 11 My revelation concerning The Beast was about to take a very strange turn – for as soon as she was released from Dr. Ma’bus’ assault, I watched as Mystery ran to her room and broke down. For nearly an hour, she let her emotions pour out – eventually crying herselfContinue reading “The Cross of Peter (21)”

The Substitute (20)

Book II: Chapter 20July 11 <Grgggl… Grrrrrr> I watched as Mystery continued to struggle against Dr. Ma’bus, the girl begging him for her life. “What’s that?” Ma’bus joked, pretending to lean in to listen to his victim, even as he tightened his grip on Mystery’s neck. “Can’t hear you, honey. Cat got your tongue? Ah,Continue reading “The Substitute (20)”

The Word Became Flesh (19)

Book II: Chapter 19July 11 A couple nights later I had my sleep interrupted again – this time with another vision of The Two Witnesses as the word became flesh before my eyes… <Drip… drip… drip…> <Drip… drip… drip…> <Drip… drip… drip…> I watched as a frustrated Enoch, despite his blindness, arose from the prisonContinue reading “The Word Became Flesh (19)”

Two Beasts? (18)

Book II: Chapter 18July 9 As my vision dragged on, Pope Benedict continued to strangle Mystery and I gotta say – it was a shocking sight! I took a moment to ponder more on the possibility of TWO Beasts by remembering Revelation Chapter 13. Look it up with me, will you… Did you read it?Continue reading “Two Beasts? (18)”

Seven Deadly Sins, The Chairs of Woe, and The Antichrist

What is a “Deadly” sin and what are the Seven Deadly Sins from The Bible? In this article we’ll explore where they come from in the Bible, what each of the 7 Deadly Sins are, and talk about their relationship to the infamous Chairs of Woe which feature prominently in the books The Last TemptationContinue reading “Seven Deadly Sins, The Chairs of Woe, and The Antichrist”

Room 101 (27)

Book I: Chapter 27 June 23 The marathon revelation continued for me as I watched Alan’s torture from afar. When Dr. Ma’bus instructed his servant to take Alan to The Life Labs, even the loyal Iffat froze at the thought and I saw Alan visibly shudder at the thought… What was it about Ma’bus’ labsContinue reading “Room 101 (27)”

Call Me Ishmael (26)

Book I: Chapter 26 June 23 Just as quickly as the Witnesses came, they were gone; once more I was looking back at Alan – and his new visitor… So who was it that entered Alan’s room? I’ve got to say, I was a bit shocked myself when I saw none other than Ghaz al’Continue reading “Call Me Ishmael (26)”