3.31 Har haBáyit

Book III: Chapter 31December 21 <BOOOM! DOOM!> <BOOM! DOOM!> Giant drums continued to pound – shaking the rocks of The Temple Mount and thundering as harbingers of what was to come. <BOOOM! DOOM!> <BOOM! BOOM!> <DOOM!> Although it was midday, the sky boiled a mixture of black and blood red. And still the drums sounded,Continue reading “3.31 Har haBáyit”

3.30 Faces of Death

Book III: Chapter 30December 20 Bill Gates looked to my friends and I – trying to gauge the effect of his threat to destroy us. Meanwhile I noticed another pair of eyes practically boring a hole into me – Pope Benedict’s. Glancing over at him, I caught him watching me, but he refused to lookContinue reading “3.30 Faces of Death”

3.29 From the Dust I Came

Book III: Chapter 29December 20 The Blackness overpowered me. It suffocated me. And just when I thought It was about to completely overwhelm me, in desperation my soul cried out for God… I know that my Redeemer Lives! Awake and rise to our defense! Contend for us, Lord! Contend for us! Psalm 35 Immediately theContinue reading “3.29 From the Dust I Came”

3.28 Alekhine’s Defense

Book III: Chapter 28December 20 When none of us responded, Bill Gates tried again, “I realize it’s a lot to take in – the whole switching sides thing, but hear me out, for amazing as it may sound, you three still have a chance to save yourselves. Now please, for your sakes, don’t choose poorlyContinue reading “3.28 Alekhine’s Defense”

3.27 The Temptation

Book III: Chapter 27December 20 Alan and Miriam were still struggling to process what Bill Gates had just said about ‘possessing our souls for all time,’ but it was what The Beast said next that got to me. “As you chew on the fact that you’ll soon be mine,” Gates smiled, “Consider this as wellContinue reading “3.27 The Temptation”

3.26 The Price is Your Soul

Book III: Chapter 25December 20 The moment lingered… Someone or something was coming through the gate towards us. Destiny? Death? Only God knew what it might be. At last, forging through the gate came Pope Benedict, followed a moment later by Bill Gates in his Dr. Ma’bus regalia. “Ah, I thought we would find youContinue reading “3.26 The Price is Your Soul”

3.25 Paradise Lost

Book III: Chapter 25December 20 “I just don’t understand.” Alan lamented. “Tomorrow is the big day, yet we are powerless to stop The Beast. Would the Lord really have brought us all this way, only to leave us at the very end?” Alan, Miriam, and I were sitting under the shade of an olive tree,Continue reading “3.25 Paradise Lost”

3.24 Into the Fires

Book III: Chapter 24November 13 “What?” I blurted out – a bit too loud — after Miriam had just told me about Cardinal Marrollo’s seeming desire to destroy Bill Gates. Immediately after my shout there was a knock at the door from the guards outside; one of them called in urgently, “Baron, is everything allContinue reading “3.24 Into the Fires”

3.23 Out of the Frying Pan

Book III: Chapter 23November 13 At the revelation of my rescue attempt, a newfound hope was evident on the faces of my friends – therefore I repeated my earlier question, “Are they safe? Do you still have The Nails?” At that point the smiles fell from Alan and Miriam, and I didn’t need to hearContinue reading “3.23 Out of the Frying Pan”

3.22 The Rescue

Book III: Chapter 22November 13 “What are we going to d—“ Miriam stopped short as their door to her cell opened and a trio of Brothers entered in upon her and Alan. “You?” Alan spat in disgust when he saw The Brother in command. “What are you doing here? Did you just come to catchContinue reading “3.22 The Rescue”