Podcast Temptation of John | 012 The End is Not Near

Book I – The Pawns of Prophecy Chapter 12 – The End is Not Near Date: June 11 Episode Description: John explains when he discovered he was immortal and laments that he ever wished for such a curse. Read the full text version of this chapter here: The End is Not Near See every chapterContinue reading “Podcast Temptation of John | 012 The End is Not Near”

Podcast Temptation of John | 001 1492 Is Coming for You

Audiobook Alert – This is a serial-release novel.  In THIS episode you’ll hear: Book I – The Pawns of Prophecy Chapter 1 – 1492 is Coming for You Date: June 7  Episode Description: John receives an unwanted letter from a long-lost friend and then an even more unwelcome visitor comes calling – with evil intentionsContinue reading “Podcast Temptation of John | 001 1492 Is Coming for You”


Book III: FinaleYour Future? The race is not always to the swift, or the battle to the strong, for time and chance happen to us all — because life is meaningless unless you know The Lord… For surely you realize that this is NOT the end, but instead only The Beginning. From afar I sawContinue reading “Epilogue”

3.38 The Abyss

Book III: Chapter 38Date Unknown? The Beast continued Its monumental efforts to break The Seal that held The Scroll of the Illuminated Angels. There was a resounding <CRACK!> as if the foundations of the world were being ripped open! The Chosen were thrown in all directions as the earth rumbled around them. In the chaos,Continue reading “3.38 The Abyss”

3.37 The Armageddon Rite

Book III: Chapter 37Date Unknown? With the Seven Angels now on the scene, The Chosen tried to scatter, cursing God and running for their lives. Yet it was too late – for the Angels were on a mission… The First Angel pummeled them with a plague of ulcerated sores, and even as they were coweringContinue reading “3.37 The Armageddon Rite”

3.36 The Hand of God

Book III: Chapter 26Date Unknown As I left my earthly body, I was granted one final vision, and since you’ve come this far with me, I imagine you’ll want to hear about this too… What I saw next was something that was undoubtedly UNseen by everyone else ,for God gave me a vision inside ofContinue reading “3.36 The Hand of God”

3.35 Deliverance

Book III: Chapter 35December 21 With Bill Gates as Ghaz al’ Ridwan Ma’bus and his friend Klaus Schwab looking on approvingly, Pope Benedict had just used two of the sacred nails previously used to crucify Christ to destroy the immortals Lazarus and Mary Magdalene – my friends. The earth continued to protest, sending raging windsContinue reading “3.35 Deliverance”

3.34 The Masque of Red Death

Book III: Chapter 34December 21 Despite the agony of my pain on the cross, I knew that death would not come easy. With a nod, the man who was Ghaz al’ Ridwan Ma’bus signaled to The Pope to carry out his orders… To deliver death to the immortals. I watched as Benedict picked up oneContinue reading “3.34 The Masque of Red Death”

3.33 Day of the Beast

Book III: Chapter 33December 21 <BOOOM! DOOM!> <BOOM! BOOM!> <DOOM!> Dying on a cross takes a long time – actually a bit longer than I expected. My mind again wandered back to the Temple Mount. After The Knights Templar failed to help me destroy Al-Aqsa, the Muslim control of the area remained and the worldContinue reading “3.33 Day of the Beast”

3.32 The Third Temple

Book III: Chapter 32December 21 <BOOOM! DOOM!> <BOOM! BOOM!> <DOOM!> Still hanging on my cross, waiting for The Beast that was Bill Gates to complete this work, I continued wondering about what was inside the remains of the Temple. While the Babylonians did not carry off the ark, what is true is that old NebuchadnezzarContinue reading “3.32 The Third Temple”