Shepherd and His Flock (3)

Book 1: Chapter 3June 7 Meanwhile, half a world away, another older gentleman was also in a good mood… (Like I said before, you’re just gonna have to take my word on it as to how I know things like this. Let’s just say, I have visions – oh you can call them revelations ifContinue reading “Shepherd and His Flock (3)”

The Nail (2)

Book 1: Chapter 2June 7 Now, you’re just going to have to trust me on this next part as to how I know what I know, but for the time being, just take my word on this, OK? So after my assailant confirmed I was dead, he held his blade up, watching my crimson-grey bloodContinue reading “The Nail (2)”

1492 is Coming for You (1)

Book 1: Chapter 1June 7 Few have seen but a glimpse of Hell, a tatter of Revelation, yet for me it was my Daily Bread; well, that and a good bottle of Jack, and maybe a PBR or two… My name is John and I’ve got a major problem – again. Just a few minutesContinue reading “1492 is Coming for You (1)”

1.18 I’ve Loved You for 1000 Years

Book I: Chapter 18June 20 (and a time long past) A few days later, I was sitting in a rocking chair on my back porch listening to Conway Twitty on my radio. Somebody’s needin’ somebody the way I do. Somebody’s wantin’ somebody they can hold on to. To be loved by somebody that’s the wayContinue reading “1.18 I’ve Loved You for 1000 Years”

The Chosen Few (16)

Book I: Chapter 16June 17 Fortunately for me, it was five days before I got my next revelation. Unfortunately this next vision was about Miriam. Ugh. Having to watch her is always so tiring… As the vision clarified itself I saw Miriam sitting with a friend in a private garden. Interesting enough while Miriam wasContinue reading “The Chosen Few (16)”