Podcast Temptation of John | 001 1492 Is Coming for You

Audiobook Alert – This is a serial-release novel. 

In THIS episode you’ll hear:

  • Book I – The Pawns of Prophecy
  • Chapter 1 – 1492 is Coming for You
  • Date: June 7

 Episode Description:

John receives an unwanted letter from a long-lost friend and then an even more unwelcome visitor comes calling – with evil intentions on his mind. 

Read the full text version of this chapter here: 1492 Is Coming for You

See every chapter in Book I on our website: TemptationofJohn.com

Published by helpfuldad

Since 2005, Michael has enjoyed life as a Blogger, Freelance Writer, Wordpress Website Developer, YouTuber, & Podcaster. He's authored 7 books & counting. He covers diverse topics in Health & Fitness, Outdoor Cooking, Streaming TV Tips, Gaming, Meditations & Affirmations, Biblical Wisdom, Sales, Productivity, & more. Passionate about the "Now Moments" of Life, Michael's mission is to share "practical solutions to real life problems" that helps his readers find the path to their "Legacy Life." Connect with him at ThatHelpfulDad.com

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