With Fear and Hatred (11)

Book III: Chapter 11
November 1

What’s going on with my friends, or with Pope Benedict, Chairman Ma’bus, or any of the other host of lackeys who used to haunt my visions?

Good question.

It had been months since I last ‘saw’ any of them, yet without my Sight, I was reduced to a commoner like you for my news.

On the one hand, it was tough to turn on the TV – for it reminded me how the Phillies perished during the earthquake that sank California back in June; and that’s always too painful to remember.

Look, I realize that I haven’t done a very good job of keeping you apprised of world events. In my defense, the happenings of history do tend to move in repetitious cycles and after 2,000 years it all runs together.

But even I knew that times were different now – and I believe that the rest of the world was finally starting to believe that too.

Oh sure, throughout my life I’ve seen the charlatans like Homer who’ve proclaimed ‘the end of the world is at hand,’ and like you, I’ve pooh-poohed them – after all, most of them were crackpots.

I too have heard the many learned men throughout the centuries who have tried to reason out the end of days by associating whatever world catastrophe with my predictions in Revelation, or perhaps that kook Nostradamus, or the Mayan Cataclysm, or something else – again, fools all.

But, there was something different going on this time.

To begin with, I knew that the Two Witnesses had already been prophesying for over three years, and if what I wrote in Revelation was correct, then I knew that they didn’t have much time left (whether the world had been listening or not).

And while The Beast may have had Elijah and Enoch hidden from view for the last couple years, when it came time to serve his own purposes, he revealed them to all – causing the world to finally understand the word FEAR.

Since then, national broadcasts and social media videos of the prophets had become an obsession – with everybody and their brother giving their opinion of what it all meant.

Naturally President Trump had a few tweets to add to the mix and as you can imagine they were install classics – going viral in less than a minute each time.

Add to that that on two more occasions, the prophets appeared ‘live’ and released new warnings of impending doom – both of which came true. You can imagine the hysteria that surrounded them.

I tried to look at things from the world’s perspective — how would the common man view Elijah and Enoch?

With fear and hatred.

Yes, I was certain of that – for consider that regardless of whether the Two Witnesses were merely doing their divine duty (which they were!), the fact of the matter is that they were (unfortunately) correct about everything they predicted, even this…


As a result, all of the terrible misfortune that the world had experienced these last few years (and especially these last few months), why all of it was associated with Elijah and Enoch!

It was only natural that the world wished them dead.

Unfortunately for The Prophets, today the world got its wish…

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