What, er… Consequences? (5)

Book III: Chapter 5
July 27

As I basked in God’s love, it was like being born again — as if streams of living water welled up within me. Oh how I wish you could experience it for yourself. 

To be washed clean by Him. To be loved by Him – it is All and Everything!

“My lips shout for joy,” still kneeling, I held my arms up to the skies, “Oh God, I, whom you have redeemed.”

Gabriel let me have some time to relish the moment. Then, when he deemed I was ready, he added softly, “And yet, this doesn’t change the consequences of your sins. These must still be accounted for.”

Knowing I could not deny his words, I replied, “The Lord disciplines those He loves.” And then fearfully I asked, “What, er… consequences?”

“As you know, for every action there is a reaction — for every sin, a price. Sometimes even the Innocent must suffer.”

“My friends will suffer the Armageddon Rite because of my sins…”

“Indeed. And furthermore, your Vision is no more.”

This new revelation caught me off guard, “What? Why?”

“John, your Vision was merely a crutch – a blessing granted to you out of love by The Lord — given to help you through your time in the desert. Yet now you must rebuild your great faith – for you will need all of it and more when you confront The Beast on That Fateful Day.”

“But, how can I find my friends without my vision? Surely you don—“

“Hush, John. You will take no action against The Beast until December 21st of this year.” As he spoke, the color drained from my face — for the implications this signified for my friends were dire indeed. As if reading my mind, Gabriel continued, “Yes, your friends are in grave danger. And much disaster will befell this world prior to the Fateful Day. Yet, there is nothing you can do about that, John, – the consequences will unfold as they will. YOUR role is to Repent and Rebuild… Repent and Rebuild.”

“But, you expect me to just sit here and let everything fall apart – even when I might be able to act to stop it?”

“John, have you learned nothing?” Gabriel rose up in frustration, causing me to cower down.

“Destroy your arrogance! Down with your pride!” God’s great angel roared at me. “Now is not the time for you to act. Now is the time for you to accept God’s Plan and let events unfold on HIS time. Trust that The Lord is working all things for the Good. All you must do, John, is the part that has been assigned to you. Stay here, repent and rebuild yourself, and if you do as I tell you, then on December 21st… ALL WILL BE WELL IN THE END.” 

Before I could reply, Gabriel continued, “Be thankful you still have a part to play — if it were up to me you would not. But alas, I am only His Servant and lucky for you Our Lord still believes in you. ”

Displaying his power, the mighty angel proclaimed, “Ready yourself for The Last Battle. The time is approaching. On December 21st, you will finally open the Scroll of the Illuminated Angels. With these wonders YOU will be given the power to destroy The Beast and make the way for The Christ to return and break the bonds of Evil.” And pointing down at me, Gabriel cried, “John of Salome — I charge YOU with defeating The Beast!”

Suddenly I was overwhelmed with power – with the POWER OF THE ONE TRUE GOD!!!

My JOY was Indescribable! Uncontainable! And all I could think at that moment was…

You are amazing, God! All powerful! Untamable! Awestruck I fall to my knees as I humbly proclaim – YOU are amazing, God


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