The Lady of the Lake (8)

Book III: Chapter 7
August 30

As it turned out, around 410 AD I successfully DID destroy myself – or at least my identity as Ambrosius. My superbug project for The Brotherhood worked — wiping out an entire colony of people!

(I’ll tell you more about that event later, for now just remember two words: Tower Bay.

Nevertheless, because I couldn’t control the virus itself, The Brotherhood considered all my work to be a failure and abandoned Ambrosius to die. (Gee, thanks, friends).

Wallowing in self-pity, I was ripe for Lazarus and Mary to again convince me in The Commission and in the early 450’s, we brought down Attila as The Beast. We quickly concluded we were wrong (again) since we did not bring about Jesus’ Second Coming – as a result, I again deserted my friends (again).

Eventually I made my way back to the island of Great Britain. Although this was the country in which I had experienced the failure of Tower Bay, this time around I vowed things would be different – and I was correct — for upon this occasion another legendary character was born.

Now I realize that you probably won’t believe what I tell you next, but it is the truth…

From about 490 to 540 AD, I used The Sight to help bring about the rise of a man named Arthur Pendragon while I was under the identity none other than Merlinus Ambrosius.

(I picked that moniker because I wanted a chance to clear the Ambrosius surname).

Come on, did Merlin really exist?  Isn’t that just a fairy tale?

Look, I can’t help it if Disney made a movie about me and I’m not going to sit here and have an argument with you about whether or not I was really Merlin or if there ever was a famed magician by that name. All I can tell you is what I’ve experienced in my life, and the bottom line is that I am the man who was the source of all those legends – and many of them are pretty accurate — whether or not you choose to believe them is your business.

Now, if you don’t mind, let’s continue – since there is already quite a bit of writing about Merlin, I won’t recap it all here – expect to say that eventually I did allow myself to get duped by a woman and that still rubs me the wrong way!

Her name was Nimue, but you’d probably know her as “The Lady of The Lake.”

If you know anything about Merlin, then you know that I foolishly allowed Nimue to learn some of my magical secrets — in fact, after she thought she had drained me of all of my knowledge, she trapped me in a cave in an obscure part of western Britain and left me for dead. So yes, all that part of the legend is true.

This was not my best moment

But let’s be clear here — I was not so dumb as to NOT realize what Nimue was doing. I knew full well what she intended, but the fact of the matter was that Nimue had become such a powerful Sorceress that I actually let myself believe that she might well be able to accomplish what I could not…

I really thought Nimue might be able to kill me once and for all!

That’s why I let her trap me – unfortunately I didn’t die.

Instead, Nimue merely succeeded in leaving me in a comatose state. For all intents and purposes, I appeared dead (and for a time I actually thought I was dead), but eventually Death didn’t take and thus I found myself merely stuck in a drafty and dank cave.

(In point of fact, I actually stayed in that God-forsaken hole for nearly 300 years. And it was not until around 850 AD that I finally, rather unceremoniously, emerged – only to lose myself again into the wide world).

And that’s when things got a bit more interesting…

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9 – Wandering Jew
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