The Eagle Soars (3)

Book III: Chapter 3
July 26

I had just completed The Magnus Opum!

(I can’t do justice to the actual experience, but I will try to put into words what happened next…)

First I was transmuted into a great white eagle – soaring through the skies of the afterlife. 

How long this went on, I cannot say, it may well have been an Eternity of its own, but then…

Next I found myself roaring loud and long, as my essence powerfully coursed through the blood of a raging lion.

It was as if I had ALWAYS been this beast – strong, majestic, alive!

And then…

Countless other shapes and lives did I find my Soul mixed with.

For in a flash I was experiencing the Whole of Creation!

Yet a breath later I felt myself changed again.

This time it was different – for I had become a being indefinable.

I felt myself melting…

A Blackness overtook me….

Then a Whiteness….

And then…

I was Rubedified.


The Celestial Powers infused me! It was both sublime and awesome…

I was <complete>.

I could taste Victory over Death, nay, over Life Itself!!!

However, in that very instant of my great triumph, from Everywhere and from Nowhere, a Voice not my own finished the end of Azoth’s Chant, “This is the end of The Work; you are all the miracles that have ever been. You hold Life… and Death… in the palm of your hand. As the Keeper of the Secret, you have the power even to see God’s Holy Seat.”

There was a pause, one that seemed to span the whole of eternity.

Finally the Voice asked, “Do you wish to use this power or shall you keep it closed within the cabinet of your heart? Speak, else it will remain beneath the Seal of Silence — for you shall not pass this way again.”

I remember taking almost no time to answer, screaming with all the power of my Soul, “I want to be free!””

<There was a brilliant, blinding flash of light!>

And then…

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4 – The Angel’s Breath
Book III Table of Contents

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