EA Incarnate (19)

Book III: Chapter 19
November 13

Strange Days. I thought to myself as looked back upon that wild day of my first initiation into the Third School of Inanna — for none of my other Third School initiations were ever so intense.

For a brief moment, I felt my own desires arise again as I remembered the insanely beautiful women who helped us complete the rite…

Inanna’s Helpers

But I combated that temptation by recalling my newfound repentance – and cursing under my breath, I denounced my own lecherous desires and reminded myself that such debauchery was surely the way to the eternal grave and not the afterlife with Christ that I desired again.

To further get the sinful images out of my mind, I turned my attention back to Ma’bus, who was still speaking on the dais…

“…and we are dedicated to the attainment of Spiritual Freedom.” The Brothers as a whole were chanting.

For my part, I had forgotten the first few words and mumbled the rest in halfhearted tones.

“We oppose the enslavement of our spirits.” Ma’bus cantered.

“We seek to liberate the human race,” I replied along with the rest.

“Let us turn our attention to Prince EA.” Ma’bus advised, speaking in his normal tones now that the initial canter was over. “While Anu initiated the evolutionary chain that sparked life on this planet, it was EA who used Anu’s Neanderthals as the base for a new creation. ‘Let us upgrade them into our own image,’ EA suggested to his fellow Elohim — and so EA created Homo Sapiens and thus became the Father of Modern Man.”

The Elohim (gods) who created Adam with Prince EA

(OK, let me warn you, this is all a bunch of garbage in my opinion. I recommend you skip this section, but some of you have been begging me to tell you Brotherhood Theology so if you want it, here it is).

“And yet, EA did much more than merely create us.” Ma’bus continued. “For was it not EA who protected us against the Nephilim – those fallen angels who sought to make us slaves to the Elohim’s design? Indeed. And furthermore, recall that it was EA who formed OUR organization and gave this Brotherhood the mission to educate the human race in TRUTH, and to liberate it from bondage.

“What bondage, you ask?” Ma’bus was on a roll now. “Judaism. Christianity. Islam. All world religions! These are the bondage of our souls! For wasn’t it EA who also gave us the original Tree of Life? Verily, Oh My Brothers, listen to me, for even in early Mesopotamian glyphs – artistry of OUR forefathers, mind you – we witness that it was EA who first showed us a snake wrapped around the trunk of a tree – an image later stolen by the Hebrew’s. And yet these pre-Biblical works reveal much more,” and here he pointed over to a giant tapestry hanging on a far wall, “notice, to the right of the tree is the half-moon symbol of EA; to the left is the planet symbol of Anu. Here The Great Mystery is revealed; for it describes Anu’s palace in the heavens, while EA rules the earth. Don’t you see? EA is Prince of Earth!

Prince EA with Anu at the Original Tree of Life

Then, turning back to The Book, Ma’bus chanted, “And so EA shared The Knowledge of Life with early man, saying,  ‘Adama, thou art going before the King; the road to Heaven thou wilt take. When thou hast approached the Pearly Gates, there thou whilst meet Anu, The Bearer of Life.’” 

Looking at the crowd again, Ma’bus explained, “Prince EA was trying to teach early man the way to spiritual freedom. And yet, Adama – on behalf of all Mankind – failed. As a result of Adama’s Fall, Anu rejected the entire Human Race. It was Anu who would have allowed Man to be destroyed, but it was Prince EA who stopped that destruction! Unable to bring mankind easily into our true potential as spiritual beings, EA came up with a new plan – even if all of men could not be made acceptable to Anu, perhaps a select few could; thus EA strove to find a way to illuminate a portion of Mankind and provide us with salvation – thereby glorifying Anu and uniting creation.

“These select few became EA’s Chosen People – later we became known as The Brotherhood of the EArth – for WE are the Sons of Prince EA and it is OUR destiny to sit in glory with Anu in his heavenly kingdom!”

“For EA! For Anu! ” Called out one of the Brothers and the rest of us in the crowd repeated his words back, clapping and cheering.

“Yes, Oh My Brothers, let your hearts rejoice!”  Ma’bus cheered us on. “For EA is our savior. Who is Jesus of Nazareth compared to EA? Who is Yahweh compared to Anu? For is not Yahweh merely one of the lesser Elohim, a mere spawn of Anu? Most assuredly I say to you, the world has been misled, it is WE who know the real TRUTH: for the false ‘god’ whom the Jews revere is really the TRUE EVIL BEING!”

(It’s quite a warped theology, huh? Hey, I told you to skip ahead).

“You know this to be true.” Ma’bus pressed on. “You need only to read about the destruction showcased in the Hebrew’s Old Testament to verify this for yourselves. What truly ‘benevolent’ God would authorize such atrocities against Mankind – supposedly his beloved creation? Again I tell you that were it not for EA, Mankind would have been destroyed already!

“And yet, even EA is not all powerful. Yahweh, Siva, Buddha, and other Elohim were successful in their own designs – for they succeeded in cutting the earth off from the rest of the spiritual world. They made our planet a prison world, where our spiritual beings have become enslaved within our corporal bodies – all for their own pleasures. And yet, WE cannot just sit back and do nothing. All of us are Brothers because we are dedicated to saving this world – for EA… for Anu!”

“For EA!” the Brotherhood chanted back. “For Anu!”

“Because of The Brotherhood, EA is not alone in his quest.” Ma’bus was reaching a crescendo. “We will fight alongside EA until the very end! We will break the bonds of the Elohim! And lo, the Time of the Last Battle is fast approaching. Oh My Brothers, ready yourselves, for December 21st, this very year, NOW IS THE TIME when we shall see EA achieve his great victory once and for all!!”

“Now is the time!” Shouted back the assembly.

“EA saves!” Others rejoiced.

“For EA! For Anu!” I called out with the rest to keep my cover, all the while fearing what might happen next.

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