3.33 Day of the Beast

Book III: Chapter 33
December 21


Dying on a cross takes a long time – actually a bit longer than I expected.

My mind again wandered back to the Temple Mount.

After The Knights Templar failed to help me destroy Al-Aqsa, the Muslim control of the area remained and the world resigned itself to that fact. Eventually I moved away (again) too.

Even though the Mount officially returned to Israeli control in 1967, I knew Muslim leaders still boasted about the fact that The Dome of the Rock was off-limits to any non-Muslim – a card they played in exchange for promises of peace in the Arab-Israeli world – promises they rarely kept.

Ha! But the joke is on them. What the Muslims never knew was that the Jews wouldn’t have allowed their people to the site of the Dome anyway – for the Foundation Stone was there and the Jewish people believed that anyone other than the High Priest who stepped upon that site would commit eternal suicide of the soul

The Foundation Stone in the middle of the Temple

And so, the Dome at al-Aqsa remained, even unto this day, waiting, ever waiting.
Waiting for The Beast. 

My head jerked up as I suddenly remembered…

The Well of Souls — it lies beneath The Dome. If Ma’bus moves The Foundation Stone, The Well shall be opened – for the first time since Solomon hid the ark there. For the first time since…

Yet my strength failed me again, and that which I was trying to recall was lost.


After a time, my unconscious mind remembered — a natural cave, The Well of Souls was originally accessible only by a narrow hole in the rock of this plateau.

It was I who inspired The Templar’s to hack open an entrance to the cave – yet in spite of my recommendations they would go no further. And so, the foundation stone of The Dome – The Sakhrah – remained untouched.

“If you open it, you’ll unleash The Abyss of Chaos!” I wailed, not realizing that I was suddenly screaming aloud — my voice somehow carrying even above The Drums.

<BOOOM! DOOM!> <BO–> The drums stopped.

The Masked Chosen looked up at me.

Pope Benedict and Klaus Schwab also present but unmasked like Gates, both looked up at me.

And Gates himself, standing at the Altar Of the One True God – upon which lay the gored body of Rabbi Yona Metzger – yes, Bill Gates as Ghaz al’ Ridwan Ma’bus, The Beast, also looked up at me.

The Beast wasn’t happy that I interrupted him.

There was Silence – and I felt as if all of creation was waiting for me to die.

Yet as I looked over to my left and saw Lazarus and Mary languishing on their own crosses, I knew that my friends were not yet dead either.

Then looking down at Bill Gates, I saw that The Beast also realized this fact… and smiled.

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