3.13 Careful What You Wish For

Book III: Chapter 13
Nov 2-4

The next day, unable to resist, I turned on the TV again…

Only to learn that the actions of the “White Warrior” were being attributed to the man calling Ghaz al-Ridwan Ma’bus – that meant the world was hailing none other than Bill Gates as the Savior!

Unable to look away, I saw multiple broadcasts that showed the mutilated bodies of the Two Witnesses strung up on gallows outside Gates’ new palace complex in Baghdad – the streets filled with people of all nationalities rejoicing at their death – things were so crazy that the people even dared to congregate without masks!

“Fools!” I cursed. “Do you actually believe your punishment is over just because The Witnesses are not here? Pah, the world must pay the consequences for its sins!”

Obviously no one cared for my words – instead the crowds only grew with each newscast I saw. Always did the people call for their beloved Dr. Ma’bus to appear and lead them in a celebration; yet he was nowhere to be found – the official story being that he was deep in prayer, asking God to purify him after being used as the instrument of divine retribution.

“Ha, I’ll bet he’s already gone.”

My desire for news sated, and now certain that I was not going to miss anything, I turned off the set and went back to reading my Bible…

A couple days later, around mid afternoon, I believe I might have been one of the few people in the world who was not surprised by what happened next.

I turned on the TV, suffering through more propaganda about how great Dr. Ghaz al’ Ridwan Ma’bus was.

World leaders were voluntarily giving up their command (at the demand of their own citizens!) and asking to become a part of Gates’ Union of Many Allied Nations; multiple reports even talked about that Russia, China, and even the US were also joining UMAN — with Presidents Xi and Putin being ‘elevated’ to serve as Dr. Ma’bus’ World Commanders – one for each hemisphere. (I wonder what Gates and the Great Reset gang promised them to get them to go along?)

On top of all this Pope Francis appeared on air and he too hailed Dr. Ma’bus as The One True World Leader — going to far as to recommend that all nations join UMAN in order to restore order to a world in upheaval.

And then, suddenly, it happened.

Right in the middle of a speech from Rabbi Metzger, the broadcast was interrupted, and after a bit of herky-jerkiness, the camera focused once more upon the bodies of the Two Witnesses.

Naked and horribly mutilated, each was nothing more than bags of broken bones, caked over with dried blood, other bodily juices, and various refuse that had been heaped upon them.

Their faces were bloated and bruised.

Their eyes still those lifeless, hollow holes.

Yet, I knew that this was NOT going to be the final destiny of Elijah and Enoch.

And then, even as I watched, I saw <Life> suddenly breathed into the two prophets!

First, their chests expanded, and with a great <WHOOSH> they gasped forth the terrible miasma of Death that had held grip over them these past three and a half days. The onlookers in attendance — who had just been celebrating the prophets demise now received a bit of divine retribution — for a horrible boiling disease began to burn them alive!

Chaos was the scene now as crowds rushed to escape its fate. Yet in spite of their tragedy, my eyes (and the camera) were locked on the prophets.

I watched in wonder as their bodies were first shrouded by a mysterious light. Moments later, I saw Elijah and Enoch as they once were – with their bodies restored, they seemed to float in the air, held by a divine hand.

Elijah and Enoch

After a last glance to the world below, both peered upwards, ever upwards. And, as if in response to their unspoken request, the Heavens opened above them and the two prophets rose.

Their ascension was excruciatingly slow as Time seemed to be at a standstill, and in the end, after the clouds moved back into place, I braced myself for what was to come.

Yet even I was not prepared for the terrible <BLASTS> of the angelic trumpets that bellowed forth! Again and again and again — no less than six full trumpet blasts rang out all over the world!

Divine Retribution is coming!

Meanwhile, at the conclusion of the prophets’ ascent, the onsite camera appeared to burst into flames — leaving the broadcast on my TV suddenly black; however I didn’t need to wait until future news reports told me what I already knew…

A divine earthquake had just occurred.

Seven Thousand were dead.

Gates’ palace had just been leveled (even though I knew he was already gone).

The Second Woe.” I wept. “And the Third One is coming.”

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