The Baron (17)

Book III: Chapter 17
November 13

Ah, The Baron…

Sure he was a bit flamboyant for me, but that’s what made The Baron fun

Baron Von Bodenwerner was one of the current identities that I had been cultivating over the last few decades. As Von Bodenwerner, I was a quasi upper-level member of the Brotherhood, and my purported specialty was Ancient Physical Sciences – Archeology Division.

A debonair, middle-aged, German nobleman, my Von Bodenwerner was fair of skin, had a carefully manicured mustache, and sported a classic Whig’s wig. The onyx-lined monocle I wore perfectly suited the stark, faux-military outfits I usually wore whenever I played him.

I have to admit — The Baron was a fun character for me to play.

Truth be told, I had made a quite a name for the baron within the Brotherhood by showcasing an unparalleled knowledge of biological weapons used by ancient civilizations — this (obviously) was much appealing to The Inner Circle – for like I told you before, The Brotherhood was always looking to unlock the secrets of world-controlling weapons. 

As The Baron, I had continued to elevate myself through the ranks of the Brotherhood elite and was now a member of the Seventh School of the EA Mystery – the highest (known) rank for a Brother outside of the mysterious Inner Circle

I’d never been able to crack into this group – hey you can’t win them all, right?

And yet, The Inner Circle knew The Baron quite well – for although my overt specialization was ancient sciences, my true task was much more sinister – for they had appointed me the clandestine chief of Operation DoomsDay Bug.

Given my previous experience with The Brotherhood back during the Tower Bay incident, the fact that the Inner Circle had approached me as Baron Von Bodenwerner in the mid 1980’s and had asked me to lead this new research team, well even I was not willing to accept this as a mere coincidence.

The Inner Circle at one of my bio testing facilities

And yet, what could I do?

One does not say “No” to The Brotherhood!

I did the best I could to balance their desires versus my own goals, but needless to say, I had my hands full – thankfully I toiled mostly behind the scenes and this suited my overall plans just perfectly.

Nevertheless, although I had been able to learn about this meeting fairly easily, had I not been a member of the Seventh School I would not have been granted access — of all my current identities, only the Baron was a member of the Brotherhood at that level, thus another reason why I had to choose his persona on this occasion.

For this would be no run of the mill Brotherhood meeting – it’s agenda included none of the faux satanic orgies expected by the early Seekers of EA, nor did it promise a discussion of the wild conspiracies of the supposedly in-the-know middle level members.

Instead, to put it plainly, this was slated as a “policy making” meeting for those individuals who determined the fate of the world…

As my dinner arrived my Baron Von Bodenwerner character remained brooding in silence – smoldering within the black Brotherhood robes that covered my World War I era German nobility garb. I was drinking a beer called Vielle Bon Secours. (If you’ve never heard of it, it’s probably because you can’t afford it. This brew tops the list of the world’s most expensive beers — costing around $1,000 per bottle. That said, if you can afford it and you get a six-pack, be sure to invite me over !)

Meanwhile, from veiled lids, I took in the sights while sitting ramrod straight in my ornately carved (and totally uncomfortable) chair.

“…of all the animals revered in ancient societies, none were as important as the snake.” 

From a dais in the center of the room, a speaker continued to read from The Book of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil while we Brothers dined.

The speaker’s words flowed like honey, in half-chanting tones that bathed the room with his mellifluous voice. No one in the world could command a stage like this gentleman – for he had a supernatural aura about him. Even had I not been able to see his face, I would have known him from his <voce> alone.

For there could be only one person capable of commanding the scene like this…

The beloved dictator of the UMAN League.

Appointed Secretary of the United Nations.

The only man more powerful than President Trump and President Putin.

The person who tortured my friend Lazarus.

The White Warrior who executed Elijah and Enoch in front of a cheering crowd.

None other than Dr. Ghaz al’ Ridwan Ma’bus, The Antichrist (or so I guessed).

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