3.37 The Armageddon Rite

Book III: Chapter 37
Date Unknown?

With the Seven Angels now on the scene, The Chosen tried to scatter, cursing God and running for their lives.

Yet it was too late – for the Angels were on a mission…

The seven angels with seven trumpets, and the angel with a censer, from the Bamberg Apocalypse.

The First Angel pummeled them with a plague of ulcerated sores, and even as they were cowering from the effects of the First Bowl, the Second Angel released his wrath too – causing the earth around The Chosen to become a soul-sucking mud that began engulf them.

After delivering the contents of their Bowls, the first two Angels flew off to the Unknown and as I watched them leave, I was filled with a sense of Hope that perhaps God would act to save our world after all – for it seemed as if the tide was turning to The Good.

However, my faith was quickly shaken when I looked over at The Beast – for rather than be upset with the destruction of some of Its disciples, It apparently enjoyed seeing them suffer – as if their pain was making The Beast even more powerful!

Worse yet, when I looked upon the five remaining Angels, I noticed with chagrin that none of them appeared restored to their glory. Instead each labored on foot towards the Temple Mount – and all the while, The Beast continued looking on in victory.

Could it be that these five Angels were on The Beast’s side? My spirit wondered.

Angel Three, awash in its own blood, raged long and loud as it poured forth its own Bowl – a festering miasma that slammed into The Chosen and tormented them anew.  Yet before Gates’ forsaken people had time to feel these new pains, suddenly The Fourth Bowl was poured – yet this Angel’s wrath rose upwards – intensifying the sun’s heat, and boiling the evil doers alive in a cauldron of the earth’s now gore-filled mud.

The Chosen wailed against God!

And the Beast rejoiced anew!

How long it was before the Fifth Angel poured out his Bowl, I could not say, but when he did it was as if the world had ended – for immediately the Sun was blotted out and the world was cast into Darkness – yet this was much to the delight of The Chosen for it appeared to offer them a measure of relief.

The Beast pleasured in this too, and all I could guess was that perhaps this was because The Darkness was Its abode and It sensed that Its Final Victory was closer than ever?

My fears seemed confirmed when the Sixth Angel commanded the scene – for the release of the Wrath of the Sixth Bowl actually caused the restoration of The Chosen to their power and glory – as if they had never suffered any pains to begin with!

Things looked worse than ever and then it was that The Beast rose up to its full power as It surveyed the scene: all seven of Its heads smiled wickedly as It looked with glee upon of Its followers, now regaled anew and cursing against The Christ and his father Yahweh.

7-headed Beast of Revelation

Now while all of this had been happening, Pope Benedict had remained behind The Altar of The One True God – and I could see that he was afraid — very afraid – especially after he’d witness what The Beast had done to Klaus Schwab. However, even as my own immortal soul shivered at the sight of Satan’s Son, I could sense an unseen force was keeping The Pope upright as the man struggled to remain standing at The Altar.

“I cannot falter now.” The Pope whispered to himself. “I am—“

“CROWN ME NOW!” The Beast that was once Bill Gates raged at The Pope, Its voice reverberating down to the very bowels of the earth. The head that showed Gates’ face (the one which also portrayed Arrogant Pride) was that which had spoken and it was this head that the creature now bent down – snaking its dragon-like neck down to hover over the body of Rabbi Metzger upon The Altar. Meanwhile, Satan’s Son also made ready to break the seal of the Scroll of the Illuminated Angels – as soon as It gained the divine power to do so.

The Chosen screamed in delight and began to beat their drums all the louder, now confident that they were again on the winning side.

<Boom. Doom! BOOM! DOOM! DOOM!>

Unable to take a breath, Pope Benedict carefully placed The Crown That Rains Blood upon The Beast.

Immediately even more <POWER> flowed through The Beast’s massive body!

Six of his heads wailed in victory, whilst the one that was once Bill Gates proclaimed in those awful guttural tones, “I will ascend to heaven and set my throne above the stars! I will be greater than The Most High! For this world is now mine and all that is in it I now claim!” 

Satan in Council by Gustav Dore

Now crowned, Satan’s Son took the final step towards completing The Armageddon Rite

My spirit watched in horror as The Beast attempted to rend open the seal of the Angels’ Scroll.

This was the last obstacle between It and World Domination…

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