The Abyss (38)

Book III: Chapter 38
Date Unknown?

The Beast continued Its monumental efforts to break The Seal that held The Scroll of the Illuminated Angels.

There was a resounding <CRACK!> as if the foundations of the world were being ripped open!

The Chosen were thrown in all directions as the earth rumbled around them. In the chaos, The Altar of the Most High God began to grate apart and it was all Pope Benedict could do to hold on for dear life, trying to avoid falling into the earth’s core. When Benedict looked up at The Beast, his faith appeared to weaken, and as The Beast ripped at The Scroll, The Pope cowered down before It.

The Beast was atop The Altar of the Most High God

“You are The One Daniel spoke about,” Benedict wailed in fear, “The Abomination That Causes Desolation!”

And yet, despite that momentary lapse, The Pope did not falter…

And The Seal that held The Scroll did NOT open!

The Beast was shocked at this unexpected turn of events.

In rage It looked down at Benedict, “You!” The visage of Ma’bus snarled, “Have you not given me your blessing and power?” And with blood lust It reached out a talon to strike The Pope.

Pride goeth before destruction!” Benedict replied, suddenly full of newfound confidence, and defying The Beast to the amazement of all (including me)!

Then, with a movement so fast that it must surely have been divinely aided, Benedict snatched The Scroll of the Illuminated Angels away from The Beast!

Pointing at the Abomination, the Pope then boldly leveled this condemnation (during what I now realized was our world’s Moment of Truth!) “In your arrogance you threaten – laying claims to heaven itself — BUT, you have never understood your final destiny – for now you shall be cast down, suddenly and completely swept away by the terrors of your own creation!”

The Beast was forced to remember his previous Fall

As if on cue, the final Angel burst forth upon the mount – and threw the contents of its own Golden Bowl directly upon The Beast!

The heavens now opened as well – spewing giant hailstones upon The Abomination That Causes Desolation and pounding down onto The Chosen as well.

And then, The Crown That Rains Blood began to take a stronger hold over The Beast – imbibing It with a <POWER> so terrible that it was surely far beyond anything It had expected.

Out of control, The Beast’s heads began to belch forth a sulfurous death — destroying every living thing in sight – including The Chosen.

Realizing Its grand victory was about to be lost, Satan’s Son lashed out again towards The Pope – yet once more The Rock of Peter did not crack. Instead, filled with faith, Benedict held aloft The Scroll and shouted confidently to the Heavens, “Rise to my defense; contend for me, my Lord!”

I watched then as a chasm opened beneath the feet of the Beast and foul smelling flames burst forth, scorching Its flesh.

“NOOOOOOOOO!” The Beast refused to give up, cursing in The Tongues of The Abyss. “The Legions shall not be destroyed!”

Yet it was The Pope who could taste victory now.

The Pope could not be stopped

More confident than ever, Benedict raised his arms to God Most High, and completely ignored the rampaging monster before him, he proclaimed, “Shout for joy to the Lord all the earth! Know that He is God. We are the sheep of his pasture. Enter His gates with Thanksgiving. For the Lord is good and his love endures forever!”

As if under Benedict’s command, the flames of Hell licked higher, literally pulling The Beast back into the Fiery Pits from which It first came. Those same fires also spilled forth onto the surrounding landscape, purging it of <evil>. And when they finally recoiled back into the chasm, the flames brought with them all of The Beast’s unfortunate followers as well.

Nonetheless, still The Beast clung to the surface, and in a last ditch effort, It lashed forth with its great tail and tried to coil it around The Pope, seeking to pull him down to Death as well.

But it was not to be.

For Evil was doomed to fail on this Day of Destiny, and as the dragon’s tail shot out, the Fires of Hell spewed higher still and from the flames an army of demons who hungrily pulled at The Beast…

Satan’s Helpers foiled The Beast’s plans.

Waylayed by It’s own minions, The Beast’s effort to capture Pope Benedict fell pitifully short — by a mere few inches – leaving The Pope unscathed.

In the end, The Beast was vanquished into the Depths and then the black gash in the earth slammed shut with a resounding <BOOOOM!!>

The Beast was pulled back to the Depths from which It came.

Through it all, Pope Benedict had remained untouched — as had the bodies of my friends and I while we still hung lifeless upon our crosses.

Looking down at the altar, The Pope whispered to himself, “Be strong and do not fear; your God has come with divine retribution to save you.”

And then, at last, Benedict looked over to us, and sobbed, “I have prayed for you for so long, my friends. Please, be still before the Lord. I’m so sorry, but there was no other way. And yet, I know that you are in a better place and that it is well for your souls.”

The Crosses that held The Immortals

Finally, looking up to Heavens, the Rock of Peter prayed, “In You our fathers put their trust. They trusted You and You delivered them. Thank you, Father…”

Suddenly, there was a blinding light from Above and then my vision became awash with Whiteness…

The End?

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