2.18 Two Beasts?

Two Beasts of Revelation

Book II: Chapter 18
July 9

As my vision dragged on, Pope Benedict continued to strangle Mystery and I gotta say – it was a shocking sight!

So much for social distancing, huh?

I took a moment to ponder more on the possibility of TWO Beasts by remembering Revelation Chapter 13. Look it up with me, will you…

Did you read it? If not stop and go do that. It’s kind of important. Don’t worry, I’ll wait…Read Revelation 13 now

Revelation Two Beasts

OK, so based on what you read, clearly you’ll agree that the first beast is to be a political figure, right? And surely Bill Gates as Ghaz al’ Ridwan Ma’bus now fits that description.

As for the second beast, I’ve always thought he would be a pseudo religious figure, but I never anticipated it being The Pope of the Catholic Church – I mean, that’s is Peter’s Rock we’re talking about!

Furthermore, both of the beasts I wrote about in Revelation were supposed to receive their power and authority directly from Satan. Surely, Jesus would not let Satan infiltrate the Church, would He? Would HE?!?

Two beasts – the Great Deceiver and the Great Imitator. Could they really be Bill Gates and Pope Benedict?

Dr. Ma’bus
Pope Benedict

I was jarred out of my thoughts by Joe’s viciousness – still choking his adversary, Mystery’s face was now turning blue.

“Answer me!” The Pope roared, at last he releasing his grip on the woman’s neck, yet still holding her down with his weight.

<GAAAASP! GUUUULLLP!> Mystery sucked wind back into her lungs. Tears had been forced from her eyes while the Pope had strangled her and her mascara was smudged, yet even still her face was beautiful to behold.

“I told… you…” She struggled, “I followed… your directions.”

“You did not!” Joe’s eyes were wide in blood lust as he again placed his hands around the girl’s throat. “You failed me! You failed the world.”

But this time, Mystery would not be taken so easily, and before the Pope could get a grip, she brought her knee up hard – into his groin.

The Pope crumbled backwards in agony – smashing Mystery’s chair to splinters and landing in a heap on the ground.

Now it was Mystery who had the upper hand, and she stood over the Pope, “You’ll pay for this treatment, Joe! I was never yours to begin with. You of all people should have known that. From The Darkness I came, and to The Darkness I shall return. So why did you trust ME, Joe?” And pointing down at him, “It is YOU who are the Fool, for The Brotherhood has chosen — Gates as Ma’bus is The Chosen One. Therefore I serve him, Joe… And I always have!”

(Gee, miss a few Brotherhood meetings and the world changes beyond recognition. What gives?)

I watched as Mystery then walked a line over Joe and toward the door. Stopping for only a moment to pull out her compact, she fixed her makeup before straightening her dress and then exiting The Pope’s office.

For his part, Joe remained upon the floor, in silence.

After a time, one of his feline friends emerged from some hidden corner and began to lick the Pope’s forehead — as if caring for his wounds. At last, Joe opened his eyes – yet instead of revealing tears or lamentation, I could see that his eyes were bright, almost twinkling.

Do not fret because of evil men or be envious of those who do wrong; for like the grass they will soon wither, like green plants they will soon die away.” Reaching up to pet his cat, he snickered, “Ah, things are going just as I planned, Deter, my love. And so the game continues — I believe that is check to you, Dr. Ma’bus.”

(Arg, all this intrigue is giving me a headache! Just who is helping who?)

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