2.11 The Chair of Wrath

Book II: Chapter 11
July 4

Sadly, The Blackness dissipated – taking the sweetness of death with it.

Eventually I realized that Miriam (and I) were merely back in the hallway – outside of Acedia.

I had no idea how she had been able to escape the room – and pull me with her.

“Praise God!” Miriam gasped, and in her desperation she allowed herself to take off her face mask and risk breathing the air in the hallway outside the Chairs of Woe in order to try to help her body recover faster.

As she sucked at the air, Miriam knew she had to keep searching – for time was running out on Alan — thus, after a few more breaths, she refitted her mask and then approached the next door.

Ira.” Miriam whispered the word, obviously fearing what the Chair of Wrath might torment her with. “Alan must be inside one of these last three rooms, else all of this was for naught!”

I’ll be honest with you, I was mentally exhausted, and even though I knew it was fruitless, I tried to end this vision — it didn’t work.

Next I tried using my mind power to stop stop Miriam from going inside another room – that failed as well.

Unable to resist, I thus accompanied Miriam’s mind into yet another Room of Woe…

Immediately we were assaulted with scenes of uncontrolled Hate and Anger!

Then Gunshots rang out to our left and we saw a man murdered – the assailant’s face a visage of blood lust.

I heard Miriam gasp and I sensed her desperation when she said, “My hope is in You, Lord.”

At first, Miriam’s prayer seemed to work because the room then morphed to show us a fairly tame scene: people arguing about whether masks worked to stop Covid, but then the pro-mask group got angry and raged that the anti-maskers were ‘murderers’ for not wearing their masks. (I wasn’t all that shocked by this scene since I’d witnessed it for years now).

Next we saw a parliament scene, with politicians arguing about Vaccine Passports and Freedom Passes — their impatience boiled over into anger and suddenly a fight broke out.

After that we saw a group of #MAGA supporters being violently assaulted by an Antifa mob (well that’s nothing new, right?). Next it was black-clad police wearing United Nations Armed Forces garb hauling groups of people they’d nabbed as anti-vaxxers off to Re-education Camps (I assumed to be forcibly vaxxed and chipped). Then we was some sort of armed assault at the US-Mexico border

But then, suddenly the transgressions of the room grew in intensity again – giant violent protests, group suicides, and even large scale genocide as a result of various pieces of biometric code being activated within the mRNA Covid vaccines that people had been taking for years.

Before we could resist, our senses became overwhelmed — powerless to stop this madness, soon my own blood began to boil and I too became angry.

Hate! Ire! Rage!

All built up inside me and I knew Miriam must have felt the same happening to her. Yet just as Miriam must have realized she needed to escape this room too, suddenly we saw… ALAN!

He was locked within The Chair of Wrath — his face a mixture of torment, rage, and sadness. The sight of him made me even more angry and I wanted to run over and beat his face into more a pulp, yet before I could act, I realized that Miriam had vanished.

That made my anger shift to her — insane with rage at her decision to abandon Alan, I unloaded a round of curses on her name and beat the floor in wrath.

But Miriam proved me wrong again – apparently she had reunited her body and mind, because I saw her break through the doorway and force her way physically back into the room.

(Amazingly there wasn’t any security system to stop her – did Gates and Fauci assume that no one would be crazy enough to break IN to this room?)

Regardless of how easy it was for Miriam to get IN to the room, her prospects for getting Alan OUT was going to be the real challenge as The Chair of Wrath immediately punished her with the its evil aura. At the same time I projected my own hate onto her as well.

For her part Miriam struggled to get Alan released from his bonds — to no avail.

In his poor condition Alan could do nothing to help her — he was simply too far gone.

Miriam’s desperation grew and I could <feel> her faltering.

Sensing an opportunity, before she could call upon God to help, I threw my every last mental effort against her – trying to destroy her.

But instead of being harmed by my mental assault, Miriam instead appeared to grow stronger – her body in intensity and she attacked the bonds that held Alan.

I raged at her even more yet Miriam was now seemingly immune to all my abuse and the power of the room no longer affected her either.

Instead it was as if she was filled with a newfound strength — and as she finally got Alan free, she forcefully dragged him out of the Chair of Wrath, and then physically carried him out of the room!

I don’t know how she managed to do all this and I found it incredibly disturbing –especially since she didn’t trigger any alarms and nobody from Ma’bus’ guards or servants was on hand to stop her.

As she escaped, I found my own spirit ripped out of the room as well – although I struggled to stay, I was powerless to resist – for my vision was tied to Miriam and thus I was forced to endure watching her.

I witnessed her leave quite a path of destruction within Ghaz al’ Ridwan Ma’bus’ palace as she made her escape with Alan – ruthlessly immobilizing anyone who got in their way (whether it was the effects of the Chair of Wrath on her, or else simply carelessness in using her powerful Probe, or perhaps a combination of all of the stresses of the day, the end result is that many suffered at Miriam’s hands).

In fairly short order, she and Alan were able to escape Ma’bus’ complex and emerge back into Baghdad proper. Miriam then stole a Jeep and used it to get them to an unregulated located in the mountains outside the UMAN border. Eventually they made their way to a place of relative safety in Germany.

As I saw this unfold I found it pretty fishy that Miriam had a fairly easy time at every border checkpoint – why didn’t her Freedom Passes ever trigger an alert about where’d she’d just come from? It made no sense, but before I had time to ponder further, my vision flickered…

When my Sight cleared, I was once more looking at Miriam in the present day of July 4.

She was masked, gowned, gloved, and caring for Alan in that tiny flat, with the German news on in the background.

Still comatose, I now understood that Alan was struggling within the battleground of his mind. Fool that she was, I noted that Miriam had also put a face mask on Alan too (in her stupidity she apparently didn’t realize this was only going to make Alan’s condition worse, but what can you do – there is no arguing with these pro-maskers). Meanwhile, I watched as Miriam continually talked to Alan, trying to help him to understand that he could escape from the prison of the Sin that held him. Yet so far, her efforts were fruitless.

Time was running out.

Miriam surely knew that Gates was after them by now and he WOULD find them.

Action was required, and it was clear what Miriam was about to do.

“Be still before the Lord, wait patiently for him.” She tried to reassure herself. “We need help. We need a miracle! We need… John.”

It was inevitable. As much as I didn’t want to admit it, I knew it was going to happen…

Miriam was coming to me!

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