Who is The Antichrist?

The Antichrist Cometh

It’s a question that goes back over 2,000 years – Who is The Antichrist? In this article, we’ll explore the topic by delving into the Book of Revelation to first gain a better understanding of the history of the Antichirst from a Christian perspective. After that we’ll discuss the potential candidates for Satan’s Son – both past and present.

Possible Antichrist’s include infamous villains of history like Nero, Attila the Hun, Archbishop Arnulf of Rheims, Adam Weishaupt of the Illuminati, and Adolf Hitler, while current candidates include the The Pope, the man behind the Covid-19 plandemic Dr. Anthony Fauci, the anti-American globalist and former US President Hussein Barack Obama, the public face of the Great Reset Klaus Schwab, and even the beloved technocrat Bill Gates.

Is The Beast is in our world today? Are the End Times near? Will the chosen few really be taken up to the heavens while the rest are “Left Behind?” Come with us as we explore the mystery of The Antichrist. 

Revelations 13:15

“Here is wisdom: let him that hath understanding count  the number of The  Beast: for it is the number of a man and his number is 6-6-6…” 

Brief History of The Antichrist

To understand about The ANTIchrist, we must first understand the mystery of “The Christ.” 

From the Greek word “Christos,” Christ is a Christian word that means “Savior” or “Redeemer” and many Christians (myself included) believe that Jesus of Nazareth is the Savior of the World who will lead his people to an everlasting life.

It should be noted that Christians didn’t come up with the idea of The Christ in a vacuum – since Jesus was in fact a Jew and it was the Jewish people’s concept of a “Messiah” who would save the Israelite people from and liberate from their struggles.

Unfortunately for Jesus from a Jewish perspective, his people didn’t buy into him as the Jewish Messiah and I’m sure you know how the story unfolds from there – his Crucifixion, his Death, and (as Christians believe) his Resurrection.

Understanding the history of Jesus as The Christ is important because one of Jesus’ last promises to his Apostles was that he would come again to our world (AKA the famous Second Coming of Jesus) and release us from the bonds us death and into everlasting life. 

The Second Coming of Jesus is associated with The End Times – a cataclysmic period foretold by most world religions and often associated with Armageddon (The Last Battle between the forces of Good vs Evil) and The Apocalypse (the end of the world) in which our world will undergo a “Last Judgement” of sorts (another topic common among world religions).

From the Christian perspective (and relevant to the topic of The Antichrist) St. John the Apostle’s Book of Revelation details the End Times in great detail, as do numerous other Gnostic texts (including The Apocalypse of Paul, The First Apocalypse of James, and the infamous Gospel of The Secret Supper which also attributed to St. John). Quite often the case is made that a certain amount of “faithful” followers will be Raptured (thus saving them from any suffering), while those “Left Behind” will be forced to suffer the events detailed in John’s Revelations – after which time the non-believers and ‘sinners’ will be ‘cast into the fires of Hell, while those who repent will be else Redeemed via Jesus’ Second Coming. 

If Jesus is then The Christ – AKA the Savior of the World, the ANTIchrist is thus the Destroyer of the World – the entity who seeks to either stop the Second Coming from taking place and get as many from our world as possible to follow his path to self-destrubtion and thus return to the Fiery Pits with he and his father Satan. 

What Else is The Antichrist Called?

Throughout history The Antichrist has been known by many names:

  • Satan’s Son
  • The Beast
  • The Anti Messiah
  • Antikhristos (Greek)
  • The Man of Sin
  • False Messiah
  • Belial
  • The Little Horn (of Daniel)
  • The Man of Lawlessness
  • The Dajjal or Al-Masīḥ ad-Dajjāl (Islam)
  • The Whore of Babylon
  • The Abomination of Desolation (Revelations, 17)

Who are The HISTORICAL Candidates for The Antichrist?

Nero – Emperor of Rome

Why Nero?
He set fire Rome in order to make way for his new kingdom — and he played the harp while watching his city burn!

Nero blamed the arson on Christians and used that excuse to begin their persecution (feeding them to wild beasts, using them as ‘human torches’ for his parties,etc). He also martyred Saint Peter (crucifying him upside down).

When John wrote Revelation, he incorporated a method of associating each letter of the alphabet with a corresponding numerical value (a process known as gematria) and “6-6-6” is the sum value of the Hebrew letters that spell the name…Nero Caesar!

Attila The Hun

Why Attila?
Attila and his barbarians left a trail of death and destruction across Asia and Europe that the world had never seen before. He destroyed more than a 100 cities such that ‘their dead could not be numbered.’
No armies could stop him, ultimately it was The Hand of God (in the form of a plague among his troops) that saved Rome and the rest of Europe from his advance.

Attila was the most feared man of his age and he was aptly known as “The Scourge of God.”

Archbishop Arnulf of Rheims

Why the archbishop?
Arnulf was the Thinking Man’s AntiChrist.

Born of a prostitute and a king, he rose to power himself and then attempted to orchestrate multiple conspiracies to bring down a French king as well as Pope John XV — hoping to install figureheads in both places so that he could puppet behind the scenes.
Arnulf went so far as to accuse Pope John of being the antichrist – as a cover for his own efforts. Truly this archbishop was a mysterious man who has yet to be fully understood.

Adam Weishaupt

Why Weishaupt?
What you may not know is that Adam Weishaupt was the Founder of the Illuminati – one of the most famous secret societies in the world today.

If that’s not shocking enough, many conspiracy theorists believe he also killed the real man known as George Washington and took his place America’s first President!

Why did he do it? The legend goes that Weishaupt wanted to forever altered world history by creating a superpower that would control the world and displace the Catholic Church. Answer: it could only be The Antichrist!

Who are the CURRENT Candidates for The Antichrist?

Pope Francis

Why Pope Francis?

As the head of the Roman Catholic Church, The Pope has long been considered a candidate for Satan’s Son. While Pope Francis’s actions to reform the much-maligned church quickly made him a beloved leader for his people early in his career, in the post-Covid world he revealed himself to be a proponent of globalism and an advocate against individual freedoms.

Pope Benedict

Why Benedict?

The mysterious figure who was the first pope to step down since the 14oo’s, Pope Benedict has continued to remain in the shadows. Did Benedict step aside from the public eye and setup Francis as his front made so he could implement his plans in secret? Could Benedict be the Antichrist or The Beast’s Second Helper? Many wonder what Benedict is up to.

Dr. Anthony Fauci

Why Dr. Fauci?

He’s not just the man behind the Covid-19 plandemic. Instead Dr. Fauci has endeavored for most of his career to enslave humanity in a totalitarian society of never-ending healthy and safety regulations that see the world’s people living a ‘lockdown life’ forever. He tried with The Swine Flu, AIDS, the Bird Flu, and more. Although probably not charismatic enough to be the Antichist (much to his chagrin), Dr. Fauci may well be the Second Helper.

Hussein Barack Obama

Why Obama?

The internet is filled with stories of Obama as the Antichrist. Given his openly anti-American agenda as President and his actions during his de facto third team as the true man in power behind the Harris-Biden administration, it’s not hard to see why many name Obama as The Antichrist.

Klaus Schwab

Why Klaus Schwab?

Although not as well-known as other figures on our list, Klaus Schwab must be in the conversation. While he looks like the perfect Bond villian, he’s actually the Head of the World Economic Forum and Schwab literally wrote the book on The Great Reset – a globalist plan to ‘reset’ the world away from capitalism and set up a one-world government of non-elected officials who will own all property while they graciously advise the rest of us how to live in a sustainable manner. A big part of Schwab’s plan includes requiring all people to be implanted with microchips so that we can be continually monitored for our own health and safety. Could Klaus Schwab be the Antichrist? He certainly looks the part, right?

Bill Gates

Is Bill Gates the Antichrist?

Our last modern-day candidate is Bill Gates – the man who has proclaimed himself to be the world’s savior. How could the man behind The Gates Foundation’s never-ending philanthropic works be considered The Antichrist? Perhaps because he’s on record for saying he wants to DEpopulate the planet? Or maybe it’s because he helped Dr Fauci orchestrate The Covid-19 Plandemic as part of his plan to vaccinate the world with DNA-changing mRNA vaccines he helped develop? Or maybe it’s because he’s trying to control the global food chain and food supplies in order to replace them with GMO-food and fake meats. Or maybe it’s because of his plan to block out the sun in order to ‘protect us’ from Climate Change. Or maybe its any number of other sinister plans Gates is behind. Of all the people on our list, Mr. Gates may fit the bill for Antichrist better than anyone else.

What do all the DEAD Antichrists Have in Common?

Why talk about men whom History has proved NOT to be Antichrists? 

After all, even if we once thought they were The Beast, events have proven otherwise, right? 

Ah, but what if we were NOT wrong about all those men — what if ALL of them really were Satan’s Son?

How could that be — they all died, right? And they all departed from History and stopped causing problems, right? 

Yes, but in every case, there was always some mystery that shrouded their death.

Consider Nero’s demise.
A supposed suicide in which he drove a dagger into his own throat – albeit with the aid of his personal secretary Epaphroditos. We should feel confident about that kind of death, right? Maybe. Maybe not. There’s no shortage of mystery around his freedman Epaphroditos and the subsequent quick burning of Nero’s body have always caused me to wonder.

“Wonder about what?” You say. “That seemed like a pretty convincing death to me.”

Ah, but was it really Nero who died? Or did Nero perhaps switch places with one of his aide and disappear himself?

I’m not alone in this belief – check out the “Nero Redivivus Legend” for more on the story.

Next there was Attila.
His demise is still the subject of controversy: was it internal bleeding by years of heavy drinking, or did he die at the hands of his wife Gudrun?

“What does it matter?” You reply. “Either way, he DID die and furthermore, Attila was buried in a triple coffin made of gold, inside of silver, inside of iron – to make sure he’d never escape!”

That’s true, and that same legend also says that his loyal men then diverted a section of the river Tisza in order to bury Attila’s coffin under the riverbed. BUT, did you know that all those men were later be killed by Attila’s son Ellac in order to keep the exact location of the grave site a secret. 


Could it be that Attila escaped his grave? Or that he never really died at all?

What about Archbishop Arnulf of Rheims. 
His death is still a mystery – only Vatican cardinals ‘witnessed’ it and their reliability for honesty at this time period remains highly in question. 

And the same goes for Adam Weishaupt.
Did he really die, did Weishaupt assume the persona of America’s Founder George Washington, or has he somehow been preserved to this day by the Illuminati?

Adolf Hitler – another mystery.
April 30, 1945 – the day Hitler shot himself. Or did he? 

Most people never saw Hitler’s remains, and for those who did, everyone said his body was unrecognizable after his own men burned it. 

And remember — nobody actually saw Hitler get shot. So while some few did see a charred corpse – what we were told was his body – how could we know for certain?

Here’s a Shocker – What if All of These Men Were The Same Man?

Consider this for a moment with me…

What if The Beast was Nero to begin with, but for whatever reason, the Evil One determined that the timing for his rise was not right? 

What if, on each of the occasions the Antichrist’s spirit did inhabit the body of these men, but do to some unexpected turn of events Satan chose to stop The Beast’s pursuit of Armageddon at that time and instead delay his rise to ensure he would be victorious? 

“And yet, none of them fulfilled the destiny of The Antichrist.” You might rebutt.

True. But they did cause problems for the world. They did do much evil. And again I say that perhaps Satan himself called for a delay. After all, what is a few hundred or even a couple thousand years to an immortal being like Him? 

Let’s not forget, Lucifer is a master manipulator.
For something as important as this, for the rise to power of his son and his own subsequent release from the prison of Hell, why surely, if he felt for even a moment that everything wasn’t going exactly as planned, he would pull the plug and start over later, right?

“Hmmm.” You agree, “Well, are correct on that. After all, experts believe that once The Antichrist attempts The Armageddon Rite, he will have one chance at it – just ONE. 

This was the apparent agreement that Satan worked out with God — although why The Lord would allow Himself to be bound by such a possibility who can say?

Be that as it may , don’t you agree that this theory just might have something to it?

Care to find out? Go ahead, ask The Antichrist yourself – I’m sure he’d be thrilled to hear from you…

Does the Antichrist walk among us Today?

What if I told you that the events the Apostle John wrote about in the Book of Revelation were occurring NOW?

Given the unprecedented events that started back in 2019 and continue to this day, it’s not so hard to believe anymore is it?

But if you thought it was bad new, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Because what you may not know is…

The Antichrist is here and when he completes his rise to power, our world will be forever doomed.

Can anyone save us?

Find out by reading The Last Temptation of John trilogy!

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