Timeline of Saint John’s Life

Saint John’s Life – Numerous sources (both secret and otherwise) suggest that the Apostle John did not die. The topic became so engrossing for me that I wrote a series of book about it called “The Last Temptation of John.” 

During the writing of The Last Temptation of John novels and my (alleged) conversations with the immortal St John, the as-yet-very-much-alive apostle gave me this timeline of his life – it’s fascinating stuff!

Timeline of St John's Life

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Apostle John’s Immortality – A Timeline of Saint John’s Life

This is the timeline of Saint John’s life as featured in The Last Temptation of John trilogy…

(All years given as “AD”)

31 to 33:    With Jesus Christ’s mission

33-51:        Building The Way within Jerusalem and Asia Minor

51:              Member of Apostolic Council in Jerusalem

51-81:        Traveled to Ephesus and then to Rome (attempts to martyr him fails)

– wrote Gospel of John and Epistles of John

–(68) helped to orchestrate Nero’s death (Nero was a presumed Antichrist)

81-96:        Banished to Patmos Roman Emperor Domitian

— wrote Revelations

96-185:       Wandered around the countries surrounding The Mediterranean

–wrote Apocrypha of John.

185-300         Dark and desperate years: sadness…fear….resentment…anger!

300-350         Lived under the name “Zosimos of Panopolis

-First joined Brotherhood of the EArth

– (327) experienced his Brotherhood Third School initiation in a secret chamber of the Great Sphinx

– Zosimos provided one of the first definitions of alchemy

380-410:        Lived under the name “Ambrosius” (Roman Biological Weapons Experimenter for The Brotherhood)

–(410) The Destruction of Tower Bay; and ‘death’ of Ambrosius

453:                Helped to bring down Attila the Hun – a presumed Antichrist

490-540:        Lived under the name “Merlin” in England

-Got trapped in a cave by The Lady of Lake, stayed there for 3 centuries (until 850)! Finally realized he was NOT dead and emerged from the cave

850-950         Studied Gnosticism again – searching for answers about his life/immortality/etc.

960’s              Lazarus ‘recruited’ John to join The Brotherhood again (not realizing John was a long-time member)

Late 990’s:    Brought down Archbishop Arnulf of Rheims (another presumed Antichrist)

1050-1235    Lived as a leader of Cathar religion in Italy and France

-wrote a number of Cathar texts including The Gospel of the Secret Supper

1235-1450    Disappeared to India; eventually back to Europe in 1450

1493-1541:   Lived under the name “Paracelsus” in Switz/Austria – became Alchemy master

–wrote a number of books on alchemy and medicine, including Alchemical Catechism

–Early 1500’s: helped save Martin Luther (he was labeled an Antichrist by The Vatican)

1540-1780:   To England and then to North America

1790-1830:   Helped bring down Adam Weishaupt (a presumed Antichrist)

1839-1953:    Lived under the name “Fulcanelli” (a French alchemist)

–wrote The Mystery of the Cathedrals, Dwellings of the Philosophers, and End of the World’s Glory (all blockbuster works about Alchemy)

1940-45:        Brought down Hitler (a presumed Antichrist)

1954-present  Lives under the name “John Salom

–also uses the name “Baron Von Bodenwerner” (Brotherhood identity

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