1.23 Vision of the Skull

Book I: Chapter 23
June 22

My marathon day of visions continued. After moving past the vision of Mary and Jesus, my second – and much more interesting – vision, was pretty deep — think Book of Revelations

Revelation Two Beasts

As best I could make out, I was witnessing a FUTURE event—for I was looking upon The Altar of The One True God at The Temple of Jerusalem and immediately I spied Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger, Pope Benedict XVI, the Ayatollah, and that crazy nut Bill Gates — all together.

Given the hordes of people covering the hillsides, I surmised that this was the much publicized ceremony that Rabbi Metzger was organizing to unite their religions in a new era of brotherly love. (Hogwash in my opinion, but who am I to object?)

My vision blurred for a moment, and when it returned, the entire mood had shifted; something was off – for the rabbi was now laying motionless upon The Altar — and peering closer I could see he was dead. Looking around, I also noticed three crosses in the background — they had an eerie resemblance to the ones back on Golgotha – especially since I saw figures on those crosses – crucified!

I strained my eyes to identify the victims – only to get a major shock – for the first body hanging limply on a cross was Lazarus!

I turned to the second cross – only to see Mary.

(Can you guess who was nailed to the third?)

Yes, it’s always unnerving to see yourself as a bloody corpse, but over the years, I’ve been stabbed, shot, and killed in so many ways that it doesn’t affect me much anymore. Instead what excited me about this vision was that, perhaps, just perhaps, this death would really take.

For if this prophecy was true, it seemed I was looking upon the event which I had been waiting nearly two thousand years for – my own death!


Now as I told you before, Mary, Lazarus, and I had all been made immortal so that we could stop the coming of The Antichrist. This was our Commission and if successful, we’d be assisting Jesus in his glorious return – unfortunately, it was a job at which we had failed miserably – many times.

For nearly two thousand years, we’d been on guard. At various times in the past, my friends and I thought The End Times were approaching and that the Antichrist walked the earth – yet upon every occasion we were wrong.

Now, however, it appeared that I was finally seeing a different vision – for it was the first which showed the deaths of The Immortals – which I always knew was a key to The End.

Unfortunately for the sake of The Commission, again it seemed that my friends and I had failed – for in my vision The Beast was very much alive, while we three were clearly dead. (Oops!)

Once more my vision got hazy. When next it cleared, I found myself riveted back to the altar – someone was standing there. It was a man who looks like everyman, yet no man. He was wearing a crown of thorns and blood was raining from his head. For a moment I thought it was Jesus, but suddenly I realized it was another – Bill Gates!

Or was it? For his face shifted, and I was left to wonder, Is it you, Lord? Are you really Bill Gates?

Yet there was no time to be sure, for now there was more activity over at the crosses. Something was being done to defile us — a figure in white was pushing a spear into the sides of our bodies.

That’s when I realized Lazarus and Mary were NOT dead after all – for I heard them scream as they got impaled!

Did that finally kill them? I had no time to ponder further, for now the mysterious murderer came over to me.

Entering my own body in my vision, I looked down upon my murderer, yet before I could make out his face, he pierced me too!

“YAAAWWWWWP!!!!” I wailed and even though it was a vision, it hurt like Hell!

To my horror I realized just what we had been speared by — This wasn’t the infamous Spear of Longinus, instead it was one our Nails… The Nails of Jesus Christ!

Immediately my soul began to separate from my body and I was floating away to… to?

As I felt my true self being torn from this world, my vision shifted back to The Altar.

Bill Gates was there and the figure in white was approaching him from behind.

Finally I could see his face clearly — it was none other than Joseph Ratzinger — Pope Benedict XVI!

Then it was that I made a shocking observation: Joseph was actually carrying The Nails – something no mortal had ever done and lived to tell about it.

Yet the pope was doing it — carefully he took each one and installed them in a glowing new crown – even as Bill Gates was removing his own crown of thorns.

His face a picture of <POWER!>, Gates was glowing with Victory.  Meanwhile, Joseph face showed a sly smile as he lowered the crown filled with our Nails down upon Gates’ head…

<A Blinding Light from Above!>

And the vision expired.

Breathless, I was left with but one thought..

Can it really be true? My God, Pope Benedict will be responsible for the death of Bill Gates!

Wait, which one is The Antichrist?!?

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