Men of Renown (9)

Book I: Chapter 9
June 10

Naturally, I didn’t get my wish — yup, the next night too The Big Guy forced yet another dream upon me…

And so it was that Hope and Hopelessness continued their eternal struggle – in the forms of the prophets Elijah and Enoch.

(Oh boy, whenever I get a vision of these two, it’s always a bit melodramatic – sorry. Just remember, I have no control here…)

“Our captor is The Great Deceiver.” Wailed Elijah, sitting in a pool of his own filth. “The Brother I warned the world about. Yes, it is Him.”

“He is not whom the world believes him to be.” Enoch replied stoically.

Now, as you might know, Elijah and Enoch were once men of renown, blessed amongst all. In fact, if you’ve read your Bible, then you know that when they had walked upon the earth,  neither of them had tasted death, but instead both had been taken up to Heaven without ever experiencing the grave.

Even after they had passed from this world, many tales were told about their greatness and the memory of each had inspired believers for thousands of years – and all the while, both Elijah and Enoch had enjoyed the splendor of the afterlife.

But then, some three years ago, I began to get visions of how both were sent back to Earth, and instructed to fulfill a new mission – to prepare the world for the great and dreadful coming of the Lord.

Despite their previous experience with such heavenly assignments, when they returned again to this world, I could immediately see that both men quickly discovered that the peoples of this age were much different than those they had influenced in the past – for starters everyone was wearing face masks and afraid to let the prophets even get close to them.

Despite their God-given mission, Elijah and Enoch floundered.

For over a year, I had watched as they were unable to find anyone willing to place faith in what they had to say — and so the world missed out on much of the prophecies they first spoke.

(It wasn’t really that important anyway, trust me. Also, in defense of the rest of the world, while the United Nations open border policy allowed for immigrants to travel freely (if they could provide the necessary Vaccine Passports), Elijah and Enoch had no such documentation. How Elijah ended up in the hill country of Romania, or Enoch in Southeast Asia, I’ll never know – and I’m sure they didn’t either. It didn’t help that the prophets clung to the former hygiene habits of the Old Testament, nor that they spoke ancient dialects that the people of the lands they traveled in could not understand – in short looked like more like a couple of Covid-carrying panhandlers rather than divine prophets proclaiming the coming Revelation. But I guess He didn’t think ahead on that before He sent them, huh?)

The more visions I got about The Two Witnesses, the more I could see that both prophets were not reacting well to their visionary experience – specifically whenever they got a vision it clearly incapacitated them. Luckily for them, people who observed them in such spasms wrote it off as merely some of the serious but all-too-common “immune responses” to the Covid vaccines and just let them suffer through it – because that was the norm at the time. When the local authorities observed them survive, they happily shoved a couple Immunity Passes on them although I doubt the prophets realized how valuable that kind of documentation was.

Meanwhile I knew better – they were experiencing revelations. I watch them try to resist when the visions hit them – yet their efforts were futile and they had no choice but to accept what He sent them…

Powerful images force fed into their minds, an unwelcome miasma that they had no choice but to regurgitate to any who would listen…yet few ever did.

But then, some two years ago, I became intrigued to see that both of the prophets were ‘discovered.’ At first I thought they were just being rounded up by the Covid contact tracers in their areas and taken to one of Quarantine Camps in their regions – where they’d inevitably be vaxxed, chipped, and ‘educated’ on the virus safety protocols for their area. But that’s not what happened.

Instead I watched with curiosity as each of the men was taken… somewhere else.

Although I didn’t see where they traveled to, I did witness that both prophets ended up in the same mysterious location – where they were met by a man whose identity I could never quite make out, yet who had obviously correctly identified the seers as the heavenly witnesses they were.

Then it was that the prophets were indeed vaxxed and chipped against their will (like so many other people in the world). Worse yet, it quickly became clear that their new acquaintance was in fact not doing all this out of friendship to the prophets – for the mystery man then put Elijah and Enoch in shackles and imprisoned them in a dark dungeon. But sadly their horrors didn’t end there – next the captor blinded the seers by gouging out their eyes! Finally, after dressing them in sackcloth, their evil benefactor left the blind prophets to live in filth and squalor – forsaken by the world and apparently their God too.

And yet, in spite of all of these hardships, still Elijah and Enoch prophesied – for they had no choice. (Apparently not even the Covid Vaccine could stop their visions, but then again that vax didn’t do much to stop Covid either so I don’t think anyone was surprised by yet another example of the vaccines INeffectiveness, right?)

Meanwhile, aas it now stood for the prophets, today was no different than yesterday, and promised no hope for tomorrow – and in that regard I felt akin to them.

As I looked upon them today, I saw them huddled next to one another on the cold stone floor of the dank cave that held them. Yes, although prophets, they were prisoners. After many months in this place both men were frail and gaunt, yet still they did not protest their conditions. (On the bright side, at least they didn’t have to wear those silly face masks in their cell – so they had something to be thankful for, right?)

Yet I knew that neither man had a mind made for this world – instead their only purpose was to speak about the knowledge of what was to come – and in this capacity, there were none on earth who could match their tales. (No, not even me).

Unfortunately for the world, no one recognized their talents until it was too late.

Correction — their captor did – for it was he who had arranged to have cameras record their every action and word. Thus, whilst Elijah and Enoch continued to speak about that which they saw in their mind’s eye, what they did not know was that they were involuntarily spewing forth God’s wisdom to a man whom these divine messages were never intended for!

“He holds the Seven Stars captive.” Elijah bellowed.

“Even Smyrna and Philadelphia?” Enoch asked.

“All Seven are his.”

“Then He will rule over the nations with an iron scepter.” Enoch pulled downwards on his face, stretching open the barren caves of his missing eyes.

Elijah writhed on the floor, “Any who oppose him will be dashed like pottery.”

Enoch rose up and began to twirl, “A Great Battle is coming!”  

“It has already begun!” Elijah tore at his skin as if to cast off a burning blanket.

And still their torturous visions continued…

(But thankfully, mine ended).

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