The Girl Who Cried Wolf (10)

Book I: Chapter 10
June 11

Which brings us now to Mary…

Oh, where should I start? Well, to begin with, I guess I should tell you that she is currently calling herself Miriam Magdala. I suppose that is adequate since she is originally from Magdala – but that is a different story…

Are Miriam and I friends?

Well, let’s just say she is a long time business associate.

OK, to be truthful, at one time she, Alan, and I were inseparable. We all had the same mission to work on, we were all very gung-ho, and of course, we were all blessed with the same…condition.

What do I think about Miriam?

I can tolerate her – when she doesn’t get all high and mighty on me. You see, the problem is that Miriam is very passionate about The Commission – still. She has no other real interests; everything she does is about The Commission – even after all these many years, and all our MANY failures.

Don’t you find that a bit odd? I did. And I got tired of all her badgering. That’s the main reason why I left her and Alan and went off and did my own thing. 

Since we parted ways I’ve lived all over the world, but I migrated to my present home in Williamsport, PA, oh I’d say about fifty years back – give or take a decade.

Because of his willingness to get vaxxed and chipped, and given his academic status, (and because of his various Associations), Alan has enjoyed freedom of movement and thus lived all over Eurasia. Given that he is a scholar and I fancy myself as a scientist, we’ve always maintained at least a professional association.

As for Miriam, I really haven’t kept track of her these past couple centuries; oh, I’ve seen her time and again, but it was always work-related and always with negative results. I remember her telling me previously that she’d spent most of her time in the Far East and I know she said something about “being a student of world religions,” but I didn’t really pay much attention – so long as she had something to occupy her other than MY whereabouts then that was fine by me.

Which brings us to today — June 11.

To be honest, I was not that surprised to see Miriam in my visions – once I saw that Benedict was up to something, and that Alan was in trouble, well, I figured that news of Miriam would pop up next.

As usual, I was correct.

A new day, a new revelation from Him – and this time it was all about Miriam. And wouldn’t you know it – I caught her writing another one of those damn secret notes!

(Boy, this woman really knows how to make me steam!)

1492 is coming for you – MM.

“Please do something, John.” I saw Miriam whisper – even though she was alone and her intended receiver (me) was on the other side of the globe.

(Who the hell is she talking to? It also steamed me that she was wearing a face mask despite being by herself – but then again she always was a rule-following virtue-signaler (something else I hated that about her).

Meanwhile, she kept talking, “I know you feel like a prodigal son, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Acknowledge The Lord and He will make your paths straight again, John. Stop doubting Him and believe once more.”

(What the hell — why can’t she just leave me alone?)

I then watched as Miriam fell back into her chair and allowed the tears to take over. (She always one for the dramatics). She cried as quietly as she could, soiling her masks but apparently trying not to be heard through the paper thin walls of the palace.

(Yes, palace – don’t worry, I’ll get to that).

“None of us can do it alone, John.” She continued quietly, at prayer level. “Only we three can defeat him, but we must act together — though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves, a cord of three strands is not easily broken. Don’t you see, we need you? Please believe again – you may be immortal, but you are not invincible.”

(Oh, so you caught that? Oops).

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