The Chosen Few (16)

Book I: Chapter 16
June 17

Fortunately for me, it was five days before I got my next revelation. Unfortunately this next vision was about Miriam.

Ugh. Having to watch her is always so tiring…

As the vision clarified itself I saw Miriam sitting with a friend in a private garden. Interesting enough while Miriam was dutifully wearing her face mask, her companion was not – I think I knew why and you’ll see in a moment.

“It is as you say.” Miriam said to her visitor– the man’s garments gleaming with a Whiteness so bright as to be… other-worldly. “Will he survive?”

“Who can say?” The strange man replied. “The Scriptures will be fulfilled — you know this.”

Now that I got my bearings on the setting, I could see that Mary and her companion were conversing in one of the secluded gardens that are within the grounds of Norbulingka — for Miriam was a guest of The 14th Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso, and had been for nearly twenty years.

I’d always wondered why a Buddhist leader like The Lama would have opened his home for a Bible-pusher like Miriam in the first place? The only answer I could come up with led back to Miriam herself – she had quite a way with people — in fact, she had a little mental telepathy trick she did that allowed her to be quite manipulative and I wouldn’t have put it past her to have used it on Tenzin a time or two to get what she wanted.

Of course, if you prefer a less sinister explanation, then I suppose it’s only fair to surmise that Miriam probably didn’t ask for much. Since she was vaxxed and chipped and had all the necessary Freedom passes and social credits so she was likely able to obtain travel permissions without raising any red flags. Additionally, she only needed one small room to reside in and that was easy enough for Tenzin to provide since he’d been able to retain his multiple palaces after agreeing not to interfere with the UN Agenda for his area – as in the pre-Covid world, the Lama remained a political exile who was too important a figure for the powers that be to remove, yet not important enough that they couldn’t keep locked away to limit his influence. The Lama’s secluded life was thus appealing for an exile like Miriam.

Yet on this day, Miriam was not talking with her friend Tenzin, for while her visitor today was no less of a spiritual person than The Lama, he was far more powerful.

For this was no mere man, but instead an Angel of The Lord – Archangel Gabriel to be exact!

(Remember, I told you that Miriam had another source for her knowledge? It’s true, while I am blessed with The Sight, and Alan has his book knowledge, Miriam always got her information from Gabriel. Don’t ask me why, that’s just how it is).

“You must leave here soon, Mary,” Gabriel advised. “And take off that mask, you know it does nothing and I won’t have you virtue signal around me.”

“My name is Miriam now.” Mary blushed as she fumbled to remove her face mask.

“I’ll call you as wish. But the fact remains that you will need to leave.” And after a pause, “I never understood why you came HERE in the first place.”

(Ha, that makes two of us).

“The Lord said ‘Preach the Good News to ALL the world.’”

“Call me old fashioned, but I still prefer The Covenant People. In any case, you did well to assist The Virgin at FatimaGuadalupe, and Lourdes,” The angel praised her. “And even Medjugorje, Conyers, and a host of other sightings you orchestrated were successful in feeding the Shepherd’s flock. You’ve done well, Ma-, Miriam.”

“However,” Gabriel continued, “ever since you’ve tried to gather souls from outside the Family, it’s not been the same. It is not right to take the children’s bread and feed it to the dogs.”

“Are we quoting from Scripture again, Gabriel?” Miriam practically snarled. “Don’t forget the reply — even the dogs eat crumbs that fall from the master’s table. And while I enjoyed helping the savior’s mother minister to Christians, don’t forget that I was sent to minister to others too. So many religions in this mixed-up world — I may only be a voice of one calling in the desert, but at least I can try.”

“Prepare the way for the Lord? Is that it? And where The Crusaders failed with violent force, you use mere words, eh?” Gabriel bantered – as if he actually enjoyed getting Miriam riled up about her self-commissioned quest. (At last, a vision I was actually enjoying!) “But, Miriam, what if these people don’t want to give up their beliefs?”

“I never tell them that they must give up what they believe. I seek to understand them. I listen to them. And then, after I have earned the right, I share my own testimony, and thereby hope to inspire them to willingly choose our path.”

“And just how many have you converted?” Gabriel baited.

(Ooh. That’s a low blow!)

Miriam blushed, “I am a Sower. My job is to plant seeds; another after me, I don’t know who, will Reap. Perhaps even My Lord.”

“The Sower” by Vincent Van Gogh

“And so we come to the real matter again.” Gabriel sighed. 

“Yes we do. But you know I cannot do it alone. I need John and Alan to do their part. And I need YOU — that’s why I called.”

“Miriam, we have our own battles on The Other Front. The situation looks grim for us as well, but we rely on The Word and thus know that we will prevail in the end. I’m afraid you must figure this out on your own.”  

“But, The Beast already has Alan. And John is avoiding me.” Tears began to well up in Miriam’s eyes as she lamented. “I pour out my soul to The Lord and yet still I cannot understand!” Reaching over on her desk, she hefted up a large, black leather tome, “Have you seen The Book of Life lately — it’s now down to 173,201 names!”

“Miriam,” The angel replied softly, “It is not good to have zeal without knowledge, nor to be hasty and miss the way. You know as well as I that only 144,000 will experience The Rapture.”

“But why only 144,000?” Mary asked in frustration. “How can God allow so many to be lost? It’s bad enough that we’ve seen so many people die from the Covid vaccines, not to mention the virus mutations. The world population is dwindling at an alarming rate. I can’t imagine the horrors still to come. How can our Lord let all this happen to us?”

“When the sculptor carves a masterpiece, how much of the original stone is discarded?” Gabriel waved a weary hand. 

“Who cares about the remnants from a block of stone? I’m talking about the souls of good people!”

“Are they really so good?”

“They could be if they had the opportunity to know our Lord.”

“How do you know they didn’t have the chance already?”

“You know they never had a real chance! It’s all been predetermined.” And opening up the book to one of the later pages that still had names on it, Miriam continued, “I can turn to this page and read these names and KNOW that none of them will be saved. Look — all of these people, these sheep, will be lost! Where is the Good Shepherd who will save them? Did our Lord lie to us when He told us He was that shepherd who would save us? I don’t believe that. And yet I also don’t see how this can be right?”

“Miriam, we both know you know the answer. Speak the words for yourself and let’s move on from this tedium.”

Miriam turned away instead, “I don’t want to.” And she made an effort to busy herself by closing The Book of Life and placing it back into position on her desk.

Gabriel gently pulled her back by the arm, however he did not speak so softly this time, “Say the truth, Mary!”

Unable to resist the arch-angel’s command, Miriam finally replied, “Ach, because…of Adam and Eve. It’s all because of the Original Sin!”

(Original Sin? Original Sin?!? That’s what Gabriel is going with here? So basically everybody has to suffer all the terrible things I described in Revelation because one day, thousands of years ago, a woman took a bite from an apple and shared it with her mate? Seriously?!?

ARG! Where’s my bottle? You thought you saw me drink before? You ain’t seen nothing yet!)

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