1.17 The Great Harvest

Book I: Chapter 17
June 17

Let’s just say I wasn’t successful in drinking myself into oblivion to end my visions.

God learned how to overcome my little tricks a long time ago.

But don’t think He got the last laugh. 

The fact is that, visions or no visions, my hot tub and a few bottles of Beam are always a big help – let’s just say they help to ‘clear up’ the revelations a bit. 

Ahhh. Bring on the prophecies – I’m ready for ’em! I may not remember them, but who care, right?

Now where were we?

Oh that’s right – Miriam.

OK, so my vision continued as I watched Miriam break away from Gabriel, “But, why must people a thousand generations or more removed from Adam still have to suffer for his sin? Is God such a begrudging lord?”

(Sing it, Sister! Finally she says something intelligent.)

“Miriam, why must we debate this so often?” Gabriel replied. “You know the difference — the sacrifice of The Christ provided for the ultimate forgiveness of all men’s sins. HOWEVER, the Lord has not taken away Free Will. And despite forgiveness, there will always be consequences for sin.” And before Miriam could interrupt, Gabriel spoke on, “This is not to say that ONLY 144,000 will enter The Kingdom and that the others will be barred forever, just that only those few will be raptured without pain; while the rest will be disciplined for their transgressions. It is a discipline given out of love, in an effort to teach the wayward about the Righteous Path.”

“Descent of Christ through Purgatory” by Andrea da Firenze

(I’ve heard the whole ‘Purgatory’ argument before. In the past I used to buy in to it, now I call it hogwash).

“But even with Purgatory as an option, not everyone will make it.” Miriam stated. “Because not all will repent and accept, will they?”

“Ah, even I do not know the answer to that. Yet understand that The Story of Redemption goes beyond just this planet. For our God is the Lord of ALL the Universe — every universe. And whilst each universe may have differences, in the end the Lord’s goal is the same…

“To glory in the creation of ever more souls made Holy as a result of Free Will – for whenever a soul freely chooses to worship The Lord, all of Heaven rejoices!”

(OK, I realize this is pretty deep. If you understand, great, if not, just don’t worry about it for now. After all, when are YOU going to be travelling to another universe? Just worry about yourself, cupcake, that’s hard enough).

“And now the Time of Truth has come for Earth.” Miriam concluded.

This is the day the lord has made, let us be glad and rejoice!” Gabriel praised. “Indeed, millennia ago, your world was sown and cared for. When The Christ came, he began the process of pruning. And now, The Earth is finally ready – for only with the pains of harvest can the crops finally be served – which is their true purpose. Such is the case for souls everywhere – none can reach The Lord without The Great Harvest.

“The Triumph of the Lamb” by Matthias Gerung

“And this happens on every world?” Miriam asked.

“Not every world goes through the same life cycle. Oh, be certain that Lucifer and his minions are active in every location, however not always with the same results. Some worlds never know the stain of Original Sin – for the souls there rejected Lucifer from the onset – when it was the easiest to resist – and thus they have been in Harmony with God for all of their existence. Oh how these worlds shine! Yet, just the same, there are other worlds in which Lucifer’s allure was apparently irresistible, and upon those locales, nearly all of the souls have been lost. These are horror filled, forsaken places…“ Here the angel paused.

Miriam too shuddered at the thought of such hell-worlds.

Eventually Gabriel found his voice again, “And yet, it is worlds like your Earth that The Lord takes the most pleasure in — for the balance of power between Good and Evil is ever changing, and the final outcome is uncertain – which makes the Battle here all the more important.” And fixing his gaze ominously upon Miriam, “Do not underestimate the significance of what is happening here. And, do not underestimate the part that YOU are playing. The Heavenly Host needs YOU. Succeed in your mission — help Mankind make the right choice.”

“But how? I don’t have the worldly prestige to influence so many, and time is running out.”

Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed, Miriam.” The angel reminded. “Don’t allow The Beast to reveal himself to the world – for if he gets the opportunity to glorify himself on the world stage, his allure will be nearly irresistible, and I fear that your Earth may be lost forever. If that happens, then you won’t be complaining about man-made pandemics or vaccine deaths or even about only 144,000 being saved – instead we’ll be lucky to even harvest 4,000.“

“Oh my — save us, Lord!” Miriam clutched her Book of Life, sheltering the names inside. “But, Gabriel, even if we do stop The Beast, what will it mean in the grand scheme of things – beyond just our world?”

“In the end, what happens on this planet will mimic The Ultimate Story of Redemption only if Man realizes the error of his ways and freely chooses Life with God — for only then will you be able to reconnect with your true purpose in life – to serve God. Whether they know it or not, it is this form Redemption that ALL of Creation is seeking – even…The Dark One himself.”


(Yes, there IS a Force of Darkness. Call him ‘the devil,’ or ‘Lucifer,’ or whatever you want, but He does exist. If you don’t believe me, then it’s YOU who are the fool).

“Indeed. On a grand scale, Mankind’s tale is a microcosm of Lucifer’s – for the end goal of the Ultimate Revelation is not the destruction of man, and especially NOT of Lucifer, but instead, The Lord seeks to purge Lucifer’s evil nature away in the hopes that he will repent of his sins and eventually reunite with God Himself. For only when such an event occurs can Creation truly be made whole again…Yet, whether or when this will happen, who can say?”

“Oh, but this all goes so far beyond me.” Miriam lamented. “What do my efforts really matter?”

“Can you fathom the mysteries of God? You are a part of Creation. A member of the Great Play. Your part IS critical.”

“What if I can’t fulfill my duty?” Miriam cried.

“What if you never try?” Gabriel softened his tone again. “When you come to the end of all the Light you have, Faith is knowing that when you take the next step either you’ll land on something solid or else you’ll learn how to fly.”

(He did NOT just make that up. I’ve heard that quote before – I think it was coined by a fellow named Edward Teller).

“For you, O God, tested us.” Miriam prayed. “You refined us like silver. But you brought us to a place of abundance.” And yet, still she hesitated. (Typical Miriam).

At last the Angel could take it no more. And so, rising up to his full height, he unveiled his awesome wings and roared, “Enough! Now is the time. I command you — Fly, Miriam, FLY!” Gabriel’s words thundered so loud that even I was taken aback by the they held.

(Thankfully my vision ended on that note and I was given a measure of peace, so I turned up the bubbles on my hot tub and sank deeper into the steam. Ah, Heaven – the only kind I’ve ever known and guess what, it ain’t half bad. Hey, you gotta take what you can get in life, right?)

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