Call Me Ishmael (26)

Book I: Chapter 26
June 23

Just as quickly as the Witnesses came, they were gone; once more I was looking back at Alan – and his new visitor…

So who was it that entered Alan’s room?

I’ve got to say, I was a bit shocked myself when I saw none other than Bill Gates!

Look, I’m the first to admit that I hate “The News” and I believe that President Trump is right when we says that most of it is just ‘fake’ news anyway. 

But that said, even I, who hate listening to this hogwash, even I knew enough about current events to know that Bill Gates was the most beloved world-saving philanthropists of our times. To think that he of all people would show up here as Alan’s captor was beyond belief. 

(Of course, it didn’t help matters to recall that I had actually let myself believe that Gates might actually be The Sav— but arg, enough of that!)

I shifted my attention back to Alan and his visitor…

“Bill Gates? You are The Beast!” Alan averred to the man who had entered his prison cell.

(Surprised though I was to see Gates standing there, there could be no denying it was him – especially since he wasn’t wearing a face mask. I found myself intrigued by the vision and eager for answers – how in the hell did Bill Gates turn himself into Satan’s son?!?)

Call me Ishmael.” Gates quipped in reply to Alan. “Or call me Irresistible. Although I’d prefer you stop calling me by my White Privilege name and instead kindly recognize me by the more racially equitable moniker Ghaz ‘al Ridwan Ma’bus.”

“Well, this is certainly a break from your impeccable image, Mr Gates.” Alan refused to use the made up name. “What would the rest of the world think of you torturing me?”

“Torturing you?” Gates sighed. “Why I have done no such thing. My team is merely holding you for your own good. I’d say that’s pretty altruistic. And as for my image, apparently the world likes me quite a bit. After all, the U.N. elected me Secretary General.” Upon seeing Alan’s surprised look, Gates added, “Oh, that’s right. You didn’t hear the news. Well, allow me to fill you in: Ki-Moon is dead – don’t ask me how, I’m sure your friend Benedict had something to do with it. In any case, I am the new Secretary General. As usual, I gave an impassioned speech at my coronation. It was a lovely ceremony. But more importantly, this is just another stepping stone in The Great Reset – soon enough I’ll be named the first World President and then I’ll control the world forever more.”


“What’s the matter?” Gates teased, when Alan didn’t respond. “Cat got your tongue?”

“What do you need ME for?” Alan relaxed back into his bonds. “In your own words you already said you’ll control the world. What else is there?”

“I want souls, dear Brother, SOULS…”

(The way Gates said his last comment caused me to feel a terrible chill – as if his was emanating malevolence. Sorry, Alan, but immortal or not, I’m glad you’re there and not me).

Fighting against this, Alan cried out, “There’s nothing you could do to make me help you! I don’t care if The Brotherhood did help you gain control of the world’s resources after your made up plandemic – clearly we underestimated how you would use The Great Reset and your Climate Change agenda. But even still, you’re nothing more than a glorified nerd. You’ve already been given more than you deserve and when I get out of here, I’ll personally see to it that you are finished. You can’t harm me and you know it.”

“I may not be able to kill you, but I have ways to influence you.”

“Such as?”

“Well, rather than have me tell you, why don’t I SHOW you, eh?” And calling back through the doorway, “Iffat, enter.”

His servant dutifully entered — head down, awaiting his instructions.

“Iffat, kindly arrange it so that our guest can go on a little tour,” Gates commanded. Then to Alan he added, “To the Life Labs.”

(Now why doesn’t that sound like a GOOD thing?)

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